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Beginning A Pergola Project And Building A Beautiful Garden Pergola

Creating the perfect pergola always begins with a sufficient amount of planning. It is imperative that builders understand the entire structure of the pergola. A pergola is a classic garden piece that has origins starting centuries ago. While their design has faded somewhat, they are still popular in areas with an abundance of plant life and natural objects. Unlike some structures which are made from metal, pergolas are created mostly from wood, lending to a natural feel. To build one, you will need some basic tools and knowledge of how the pergola comes together.

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Start out by determining how much space you have to accommodate a pergola. Pergolas can either be rectangular or square. If you want to create a gathering area, choose a place which is near a walkway or path. Gardeners like to cover areas of their garden with a pergola. When you place a pergola near the garden, it is easy to grow vines around it which can cling to the lattice on top, making shade. Choosing blooming vines adds a lot of color to the top of the pergola.

Choosing the right thickness of leg beams is important in ensuring that the frame can supports it's own weight. The thickness of the leg poles is discussed in your handy pergola plans. If you have not already purchased plans, you will want to do so before starting. The species of the wood really doesn't matter when it comes to color choice, as any wood can be stained to a different color. Unless you want a rare species for bragging rights, it pays to simply use a cheaper wood like pine. People on a budget can even cover the wood in veneer to make it look expensive. Expect to spend several more hours cutting and applying the veneer.

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