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Scottish Foods You'll Love!

There are literally hundreds of amazing foods and meals, which we're traditionally discovered or invented in Scotland. Here are some of the slightly more obscure Scottish foods that you might not have heard of, especially if you've never been to Scotland.


This is a traditional Scottish soup, which is made with leeks and chicken stock. The original recipe also included prunes, but modern versions usually exclude this ingredient.

Head Cheese

This has a deceiving name because Head Cheese is not actually cheese at all, it is a meat jelly made from the flesh of a head of calf or pig, and sometimes of a sheep or cow.

Cullen Skink

A tradional soup, made with smoked salmon, potatoes and onions. A tradional Cullen Skink is made with smoked salmon. It is a local specialty, coming from the small town of Cullen in Moray.

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Everyone has probably heard of this one. It is a smoked whole herring, split in a butterfly fashion, gutted, salted or pickled.

Arbroath Smokie

This delicacy was discovered in a little fishing town called Auchmithie, 3 miles north of Arbroath. This food was founded by accident over 200 hundred years ago when a store caught fire, causing barrells of haddock preserved in salt to catch fire. The next morning, the people enjoyed the taste of the smokey haddock, and the Arbroath Smokie was born.


Bannock is a very healthy, round loaf of bread made from grain. The word 'Bannock' is a celtic word, which roughly translated means 'baked dough.'

Tattie Scone

A tattie scone, or potato scone, is a very delicious Scottish food, made from potatoes, butter and salt. They are tradionally made in circles and cut into quarters. The potatoes and butter is formed into a mash, adding salt to taste and adding flour to make a dough. It is then rolled and flattened out and cooked on a griddle.

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