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A sense of place is an interesting concept because it may or may not mean home. Place is a safe spot to land and where one can lay their head at night. Home, however, is a place that is truly yoursphysically and spiritually.

We (John & I) have been fortunate to have access to many places. Many nights, weeks, and months we're spent in our childhood bedrooms and on the ancient second floor of the old Shaffer homestead (truly in the room of my great-great grandmother). Most recently, our place is in the guest room of John's grandfather's lakeside home. Displacement exhausts the body and the mind. I can vaguely imagine how war refugees and army wives feel.

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Through it all, these places have been reliable, comfortable, and family centric. We have been grateful for placesplaces of refuge.

The Birmingham house sold after one year on the market and that chapter closed last Tuesday. It was unemotional, for we had been gone from that place for quite some time and it was no longer home.

Home is right around the bend, almost within grasp. Homefeels palpable. Breath will be held until the last signature is signed. The prospect of home does amazing things for the soul.There is a renewed sense of inspiration and purpose in all areas of my life.

I am ready to go home.

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