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Do you need an apartment or house cleaner? NW Maids will take care of your apartment cleaning and house cleaning needs. Our team has the experience and energy to provide thorough apartment cleaning and sanitizing services for large apartments and family houses. Our cleaners are able to clean everything in your condo, apartment or dorm. We offer deep cleaning, which means you will be 100% satisfied with the results and also have a clean and tidy space.

Why wait? Find an apartment cleaner who can clean from top to bottom, and in any other space. NW Maids can provide professional cleaning services in apartments, dorms, or any other space that you have. Let's take closer look.

  • Vetted and screened professionals.
  • Friendly 24/7 customer service.
  • 100% Guarantee.
  • Affordable, upfront pricing.
  • No time windows, book when you want.

Office Cleaning

Select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, see your price, and schedule maid service in 60 seconds!

How it works

When it comes to home cleaning services, NW Maids is head and shoulders above the rest. There is no more efficient or simple way to schedule professional house cleaning services. If you are looking to save time, need someone for your regular home cleaning to maintain a clean home, we have the services for you!

Step 1


First, choose the correct number of bathrooms and bedrooms in your home.

Step 2


Next, pick a date and time that is suitable for you. We will always work around your busy schedule!

Step 3


Finally, an experienced, trustworthy professional will arrive at the given time and provide you with excellent service.

That is it. It is as simple as that!

NW Maids is a house cleaning company that uses personal protective equipment for any deep cleaning, uses top-of-the-range cleaning products, and will wipe clean any stubborn stains.
They use the highest quality cleaning agent, provide professional cleaners that are reliable and trustworthy, so you know you're getting a professional-grade clean for your money.

The best office cleaning services

The best office cleaning services

Our office cleaning services provide deep commercial cleaning that meets the needs of real business owners. NW Maids will offer a full range of services within commercial premises.
After the cleaning company's designated rounds are completed, the commercial cleaners will inspect each spot for any missed messes. Commercial cleaning refers to all of our services that include industrial cleaning, sanitizing, and interior window cleaning. YES! That is right.


How to benefit from NW maids during office cleaning?

uite simply, the commercial cleaning services should be done correctly with completely satisfied customers and the highest quality service. NW Maids hire professional office cleaners who use fully-equipped cleaning products to provide new clients with the most reliable services. YES! Just give us a call to get the maximum results.
Industrial cleaning services are assigned to deep cleaning will typically have higher levels of education than those responsible for the general or regular cleaning service.
Do you know sanitizing a bathroom or cleaning the desktop properly will make a significant difference within the office? The cleaning professionals must understand the skills when they aim to provide the right cleaning services.
In most businesses, cleaning schedules are a necessary part of daily operations. NW Maids offer the best office cleaning services to ensure that the company consistently maintains a clean and presentable appearance.


NW Maids more emphasis on office cleaning

Offices have different shapes and sizes, and the same is essential when we hire cleaning services. Never pay additional amounts to take care of the space.
You can get commercial service from the NW Maids platform and schedule a meeting that will make your office shine, seriously. Ensure to provide the professional with every minor detail about your office.
Are you looking for the proper cleaning solution? You can make a recurring schedule if the company meets your requirements. An office cleaning company needs to reach the customer's goals and preferences. NW Maids will provide the most reliable and accessible cleaning services with the highest standards to meet customers' requirements.


NW Maids have the Right cleaning products for the Job

Do you lack effective equipment to clean the office thoroughly? NW Maids will help you with the right cleaning equipment.
These office cleaning professionals have the right equipment to bring high levels of care and reliability to work, making a big difference in an average and fantastic job.
What do you have to do? You only need to provide exact requirements about the kinds of services you need and see the results.


What services does NW Maids provide?


There is no exaggeration in saying that a clean office is the first impression to any visitor. It would help if you constantly desire to get a bright and inviting office with a clean area for effectiveness.

Office deep cleaning may consist of stripping and waxing floors, scrubbing down walls, and so on. The cleaning industry is fully equipped in advance or at random, depending on the company policy and employee requests. Office deep cleaning should be scheduled in time frames to know when to find their workspace clean again.

Each person requires a clean working environment with a well-organized workplace to improve overall productivity. Therefore, NW Maids will help you complete some necessary cleaning tasks. The main functions include:

  • Empty waste bins daily
  • Replace and wash liners when required
  • Vacuum carpets and hard floors
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe all the horizontal objects like desk, tables and other furniture's
  • These cleaners will also dust the surfaces like desks, chairs, and tables
  • Mop hard floors
  • The cleaners generally use disinfectants to clean floors
  • Take away the leftover bottles, papers, and garbage
  • Ensure to clean it neatly and regularly
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Spot clean the walls
  • Wipe the glass walls
  • Polish brass the door handles and other furniture cabinets
  • Clean the automatic doors from in and out
  • Eliminate any fingerprints and light switches

The Bottom Line

Lastly, if you want the professionals to use special cleaning equipment, you can always brief them. Contact NW Maids anytime you have an issue, and they will resolve all your concerns on a call.


Why hire NW Maids for effective cleaning?


Service Reliability

Hire NW Maids for your home cleaning service and you won't have to worry about its reliability or safety. NW Maids assists you in returning your home to its best condition, from its light switches to all bedrooms.


Saves time and flexible

Save your precious time hiring cleaning services by hiring NW Maids online in just a few minutes and forget about life’s stresses. Schedule your services with the NW Maids and save time. Contact us and choose the date and time of your choice and customize professional cleaning services to work according to your cleaning preferences. For deep cleaning services, you can add extras according to your flexibility.


Quality control

NW Maids team offers quality control services to help you clean your home, whether you are busy with daily tasks, taking your kids to school or keeping up with a busy schedule. You get both practicality and quality. Our cleaning team provides the highest quality cleaning services with 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Our professional cleaners have years of experience and many customers are happy with our cleaning services. Our team can clean everything from tiny apartments to large houses in a matter of hours. NW Maids will clean the inside of your home as well as disinfect surfaces.

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Words From Our Clients

The ladies who came to clean were a mother-daughter team. They were so sweet, and cleaned my apartment like the bosses they are. It felt like a new apartment, and they spent a solid 3.5 hours on the place. So grateful and would hire them again.

-Amanda A.
Wallingford, WA
First Responder

- Amanda A. ~ Seattle, WA

Finally tried a cleaning service, and I'm in love with NW Maids. On-time, professional, brought all their own cleaning equipment and got my apartment back into shape! Highly recommended. #freetime #NWMaids 

-Xuyang N.
Edmonds, WA

- Xuyang N. ~ Seattle, WA

I was swamped with work and had little time to deal with cleaning or scheduling anything. Then a friend told me about NW Maids. Literally took me a minute to schedule a cleaning team to come over. Keep in mind, I am one of the most detail oriented people you can meet. I expect a lot out of a paid service, and you guys did an astounding job. Now I'm using that free time to unwind and watch some Netflix. 😉

-Gavin Clement
Bellevue, WA

- Gavin Clement ~ Shoreline, WA

Loved their cleaning. They showed up on time, worked really hard, and made the place look beautiful and like new. They did the baseboards, a meticulous job bathrooms, mopped the stairs, and much more. Will now set up a regular clean from NW Maids. I'd highly recommend.

-Nick S.
Shoreline, WA

- Nick S. ~ Seattle, WA

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