How to Keep Floors Clean with Dogs? Updated 2022

Who doesn’t love a good dog? Dogs are loyal, loving, and always there to keep us company. However, owning a dog also means that you have to worry about the dirt they track into your home on their paws and fur. The result is often dirty floors that can be hard to clean up without losing patience. In this blog post, we will explore how to keep your floor clean with dogs by showing you some of our favorite pet-friendly flooring options!

One of the most important things to consider is that not all flooring types are pet-friendly. Some floors are best for homes with pets, while others should be avoided at all costs! Of course, this will depend on your personal preferences, but you have probably heard stories about people who made their living room into a pig pen because they did not know how to clean up messes properly. We won’t avoid that problem by helping you understand what options to choose one yourself instead of being limited by our suggestions. Let’s get started!

how to keep floors clean with dogs

Keep Floors Clean with Dogs

For carpets
-Remove pet hair by holding a rubber glove over your hand and running it across the carpet (make sure you don’t run out of gloves!). This trick will save you time on vacuuming; remember this is not for rugs since they are made of fabric, so if yours happens to be one, follow the alternative methods below. Another option is taking an old pair of pantyhose (or knee highs) and turning them inside out! Then place them over your hands to remove any debris from the surface, including dirt, fur, and other types of pet stains. This will remove any debris found on your carpets!

For rugs
-Wash them with a mixture of water and baking soda; the best part is that you can use this method for cleaning furniture, it removes all smells! We recommend using some rubber gloves while applying it because it may irritate your skin if not done correctly. And always check instructions before moving forward, so no mishaps happen. Remember to follow up by vacuuming, drying it well, and letting the rug dry out in an open space outside or over a door frame but away from direct sunlight, which might get rid of colorfast.

For hardwood floors
-Pour baking soda on the stain (it absorbs spills), then use paper towels to clean up any residue, followed by vacuuming once dry! If stains are still there, mix vinegar and water equally, then pour over the affected area for 15 minutes. After that time has passed, wipe away the solution using paper towels or an old rag, so no vinegar smell remains behind. The best part about these ingredients is that they will not harm finishes such as lacquers and varnishes, often found on hardwood floors.

For tiles
-First, make sure you vacuum well, then follow the same method as linoleum. If your pup happens to be sick and has an accident on these types of floors, use vinegar and water solution (equal parts), so it kills bacteria. But again, always check the manufacturer’s instructions before trying anything new or different. Each flooring is made of specific materials, making cleaning them more accessible than others because some may require unique products for best results. In contrast, others could damage finishes such as lacquers and varnishes quickly if not done correctly. And finally, don’t forget about crate training: this method has helped my pups with potty training, so it’s advisable to try if accidents happen often!

how to keep floors clean with dogs

Great Tips for Cleaning Pet Messes

These methods have worked well with dogs; these helpful insights into ways that might work just as well or better than others depending on what type of floors you have at home since they come in many types. But if you’re not sure about applying homemade cleaners, so it doesn’t damage finishes such as lacquers and varnishes -ask yourself how much would fix those costs? Also, keep in mind by using certain chemicals found around your house, such as vinegar, baking soda, and even lemon juice -you could be doing more harm than good because those products work well with some surfaces but not others.

Vinegar can be used to remove any odors from carpets, rugs, or even tile floors without worrying about urine smells taking over the house because it also kills bacteria as a bonus! Just mix some water with dish soap in a spray bottle and fill up half of the rest with white distilled vinegar before replacing the cap tightly on top after shaking everything together thoroughly until no more bubbles are rising to the surface. And remember not to use undiluted apple cider vinegar since this might ruin your carpeting by leaving behind a yellowish color that won’t come out for years if you’re not careful.

And don’t forget about other natural ingredients such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and essential oils that can be just as effective without all the harmful chemicals found inside most commercial products sold at stores these days since those are designed for mass appeal instead; of being environmentally safe! So it’s best not to go there unless you have no choice except to run to a store close by first before getting started. And if something should happen beyond repair, always remember how easy it is to find someone locally who specializes in cleaning carpets, rugs, and tile floors professionally because they know exactly where to look when stains are involved, so you won’t be wondering where it all went wrong.

So remember that vinegar alone can solve many problems at home, if you don’t feel like doing anything yourself, then there are plenty of professional cleaning services for hire such as carpet cleaners, tile, and grout specialists and also maids who will clean up everything from top to bottom which includes removing dog hair, so it’s perfect again. You can schedule or book an appointment whenever you want with any one of these companies depending upon their availability.

You won’t need to be stressed out anymore from figuring out what will work best for keeping your home free of stains, odors, and all other types of dirt after furry friends come inside because there are many options available. Just remember these tips by taking action now before something gets worse than it already is, which means more scrubbing like crazy until everything comes off.

how to keep floors clean with dogs

Daily Checklist for Keeping Floors Clean with Dogs

For Floors:

Sweep the floor – This is an easy way to remove dirt, dust, and any other debris that might be on your floors. You can use a broom or even a handheld vacuum cleaner for this task. It pays off to invest in good quality tools to help you save time and effort with cleaning tasks like this one!

Mop your floors regularly – if there is anything on the floor that shouldn’t be there, you can use a mop to remove it. This is great for removing any pet hair or fur which might be on your floors. Use the right tools and products when mopping, as they will help you clean the floors better and not damage them.

Vacuum carpets – depending on the type of your carpets and the amount of dirt on them, you might want to consider vacuuming them. You can choose to do it weekly or monthly, depending on the time you have available and how dirty your carpets are. Just make sure that all furniture pieces (like footstools and coffee tables) are moved before you start vacuuming.

Sweep stairs – if your home has more than one level or story, this is another crucial step in keeping floors nice and tidy. Stairs tend to accumulate lots of dirt over time, especially if no one sweeps them regularly!

For Dogs:

Wash dog bedding – of course, your furry friend needs its special place for sleeping as well. And that means you should wash his bedding at least once every week or two weeks, depending on the size of your home and how much time he spends there. You can use natural detergents for washing pet items that are more eco-friendly than regular ones, thus exposing them to fewer harmful chemicals. Just be sure not to forget about these necessary steps when keeping home nice and tidy!

Clean dog toys – you might not think about it, but those furry friends of yours love to play with anything they find lying around the house. That often includes some pretty dirty (and even smelly) things like old tissues, socks, and so on. So make sure you clean all his favorite items at least once a week by using natural substances safer than regular detergents.

Clean pet’s bed – in case you have more than one dog, this is a task that should be done every day to make sure all pets sleep on clean and fresh sheets! You can wash their beds once per week, depending on the size of your home. Washing them regularly will help prolong their life span, which means less money spent on buying new ones!

Wash pet food & water bowls – not only do these items get dirty, but they also tend to accumulate bacteria over time if not cleaned properly. This means you should wash them every day! It is best to use natural detergents which are safe for both pets and humans.


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