How to Do a Party Cleanup? Updated 2022

It’s the end of a great party. You are exhausted, but you know that there is still some cleanup to do. You might be thinking about how much work it will take and if your budget will allow for professional cleaners. But don’t worry, we are here to help! This article is for you! We’ll cover how to do a successful party clean-up, so there isn’t any evidence of what happened last night.

how to do a party cleanup

How to Avoid a Messy Party: Before the party

Make sure it’s not a big mess:
Try not to let your home get too messy before throwing out an epic party. If there are still leftover snacks from the party left out after cleaning up, make sure to throw them away since no one wants food poisoning at home on top of everything else. This way, everyone will be able to wake up in their beds and feel safe surrounded by clean living spaces rather than feeling like they need to spend hours scrubbing counters or deep-cleaning carpets. You can also try getting yourself organized so that when people start waking up, you don’t have as much work ahead of you, which will help keep things running smoothly and quickly!

Practice good sleep hygiene:
The best way to survive a party and still feel great in the morning is definitely by practicing good sleep hygiene. This means making sure you get enough hours of sleep every night so that when your alarm goes off in the early hours, you can spring out of bed with energy! Follow these tips for getting a better quality of sleep on nights before big parties or other events where you know there might be more stress involved than usual.

Avoid alcohol & sugary drinks at least two nights before an event:
Everyone knows that drinking too much can make anyone sick, especially when they don’t sleep after drinking too much. Try limiting the amount of alcohol and sugary drinks you consume to one or two nights before significant events so that you can avoid a hangover in the morning. This way you’ll have more energy to enjoy the party and not be too tired from a night of drinking.

Don’t be a party pooper:
Having people over can sometimes mean that you have to deal with some messes, and not all of them will magically disappear. However, the best way to handle this is by being as optimistic as possible about it so that your guests aren’t freaked out or stressed out either. Try putting on an upbeat playlist if cleaning up gets too tedious for everyone involved but try not to pressure those who want nothing more than peace after their night has ended because there is still work left ahead of you.

how to do a party cleanup

How to Do a Party Cleanup: After Party

After a party, it can be challenging to clean up the mess made. An excellent way to get started is by picking up all the trash and putting it in garbage bags, so you don’t have to look at them later. Here’s a list of things that are needed to be cleaned:

Wash Dishes:
First, put some soap in each dish and grab a sponge or even better, try using one with bleach on it for extra cleaning power to get rid of any leftover food particles along with dirt stuck inside. Rinse off the dishes making sure no suds are left behind or around your sink area if you have one. Put away all words into their designated space, whether in cabinets or underneath your kitchen sink etc. If there’s still time after finishing up the task, go ahead and do things like wipe down countertops, sweep/vacuum floors, take out the garbage, or clean any other messes that need to be scrubbed.

Wipe Down Counters:
Make sure to clean all counters and sinks, mainly if you used them for food preparation. Grab a sponge or rag with some cleaner on it and give the countertops a good scrub down! This will ensure there is no evidence of any pre-party activities such as snacking or cooking. If your friends helped out by washing dishes during the party, make sure they don’t go to bed without cleaning up after themselves too! Finish off this project by taking one last look around at everything that needs to be cleaned before going back into your bedroom/living room/dining room etc. Doing this check makes sure nothing got missed in the chaos of cleanup time, allowing everyone involved to feel more secure about their living situation once again.

Scrub Counters, Sinks, and Surfaces:
Make sure you’ve got something to drink before starting this project because there will be lots of scrubbing involved! First, start by putting some soap in each dish or bowl and grab a sponge or cloth, maybe one with bleach on it, for extra cleaning power. Then rinse off the first dish/bowl making sure no suds are left behind, and any food particles are stuck inside. Keep doing this until every dish has been washed and put away neatly into their designated spot, whether your cupboard or another storage space like underneath your sink etc. If you have enough time after finishing the dishes, go ahead and do things like wipe down counters and surfaces, sweep/vacuum the floors or clean any other messes that need to be scrubbed.

Clean the Floors:
Now that the dishes are done, it’s time for some floor cleaning. Start by sweeping up any food particles or dirt on the floors with a hardwood surface. Then move on to mopping them with water and your favorite soap to eliminate all the leftover stains/messes leftover from the party activities! Ensure not to use too much liquid because this can make the floor slippery, which is dangerous, especially when wet. If there are still visible stains remaining after using cleaners, try out baking soda mixed in water as an alternative method before giving up completely.

Replace Furniture:
If anything was moved during the night, replace all furniture where they belong to be organized again when wakes up tomorrow morning. You can also clean up your living space before everyone wakes so that you don’t have to worry about them sneaking in. This way, they will be more likely to help out with the cleaning process!

Clean up trash:
If you have enough time, use a garbage bag to scoop up all trash and take it out to the dumpster. If not, be sure that there is nothing left on the floor or tables before going back into your room/couch, etc. This way, no one will trip over forgotten cups or other small items lying around! Finish off this project by taking one last look around at everything that needs to be cleaned before going back into your bedroom/living room/dining room etc. doing this check makes sure nothing got missed in the chaos of cleanup time, which can allow everyone involved to feel more secure about their living situation once again.

After doing these things, you can start to organize all of your belongings so that they aren’t just laying around everywhere! It is essential not to leave dirty dishes in the sink or on counters overnight because it makes for a gross morning cleanup. Once everything has been organized and put away, Disinfect and wipe down any countertops with disinfectant wipes and spray all doorknobs before leaving for bed.

Don’t let the party get you down! If something goes wrong, then consider hiring a local professional cleanup service who will be able to do what you cannot at the moment. The last thing you need to worry about when trying to recover from a party is having your living space be in disarray, so always try and get the job done by the end of the night!


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