6 Essential Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Pets possess a magical ability to brighten up our lives with their vibrant personalities and unconditional love. However, every pet owner knows the challenge of maintaining a neat and fresh environment amidst fur, dander, and messes. That’s why many pet owners seek the help of cleaning services in Northwest Portland to ensure their living spaces are always clean and fresh. 

But if you prefer to handle household upkeep chores yourself, either by choice or to tackle messes in between professional visits, the guide below is for you. Read on to learn some practical strategies for keeping your home tidy and hygienic, even with pets around.

How do people with pets keep their houses clean?

Pets bring an immense amount of joy and companionship into our lives. However, along with their lovable antics come fur, dander, and the occasional mess. For those who cherish their furry family members but still aim to maintain a pristine living environment, here are some essential guidelines.

6 Essential Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

1. Regular grooming is key

One of the main contributors to a messy home is pet hair. Regular grooming not only keeps your pet looking their best but also reduces the amount of hair and dander that they shed around your home. Invest in a good quality brush or grooming tool suitable for your pet’s fur type and make grooming a bonding activity.

2. Establish a pet zone

Designate specific areas for your pet’s activities. Create a dedicated space for eating, playing, and resting. This not only trains them to keep their mess confined to one area but also makes it easier for you to manage and tidy up. Use washable mats or rugs in these zones, which can be easily shaken out or laundered.

3. Choose pet-friendly furnishings

The type of furniture and fabrics you choose can make a significant difference. Leather or faux leather sofas, for instance, are easier to wipe down than fabric ones. Additionally, darker-colored fabrics or those with patterns tend to hide stains and pet hair better than light or solid-colored ones.

4. Quick spot treatments

Accidents happen, especially with younger animals. Instead of fretting, arm yourself with natural spot treatment solutions. For instance, a mixture of white vinegar and water can help in removing stains from carpets. Having these remedies on hand ensures you can address mishaps immediately, preventing stains from setting.

How do people with pets keep their houses clean?

5. Vacuum regularly

A high-quality vacuum with a HEPA filter can be a lifesaver. It ensures that fur, dander, and other allergens are efficiently picked up. Depending on your pet’s shedding patterns, you may need to vacuum daily or several times a week.

6. Freshen the air naturally

Over time, homes with pets can develop a particular scent. Instead of resorting to chemical air fresheners, opt for natural alternatives. Boil a pot of water with slices of lemon or place bowls of baking soda around the home to absorb odors.

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