What is the best way to clean a bathroom

8-Step Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Housework comprises a number of tasks. From keeping your backyard in great shape to maintaining the garage, these jobs are the key to living in a wholesome place.

However, you shouldn’t ignore another all-important chore – cleaning your bathroom. Otherwise, the area becomes unsightly and inhabited by countless germs.

Luckily, there is a way to avoid this inconvenience. The finest Federal Way, WA, house cleaning services will provide a step-by-step guide to scouring your bathroom to perfection – read on!

What is the best way to clean a bathroom?

You can’t have a healthy home if you don’t clean your bathroom. Therefore, don’t forget to leave some time for this area after giving your child’s room a deep clean and scrubbing your kitchen floors and cabinets.

8 Step Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Here’s what your cleaning process can involve:

  1. Move items out of your way

You want to clean your bathroom in one go. To do so, you’ll need to move various items out of your way, including the products from your bathtub or shower. Toss all rugs and towels outside the area. Additionally, remove any objects on your counters and toss them in the trash can if they’re empty.

  1. Dust the place

The easiest way to tackle a dusty bathroom is to use a standard duster. Use the extended handle to eliminate any cobwebs in vents, corners, or on your light fixture. For hard-to-reach areas, climb a stepladder.

Once you’re done dusting, vacuum your bathroom floor to collect any debris that might have fallen down in the process.

  1. Apply a cleaner to your bathtub or shower

Add some all-purpose cleaner to your bathtub or shower if this is a regular cleaning. If you’re facing stubborn stains, consult the manufacturer’s instructions and use a safe acid-based cleaner for the surface. Add the substance to your shower door and shower track, and let it rest for a few minutes.

  1. Turn your attention to other areas

Spray your all-purpose cleaner onto a cloth or sponge and wipe your towel racks, baseboards, windowsills, blinds, and doors. Start from the top and work your way down for a shiny finish.

Additionally, you can also combine a cleaning combination for your floor. To do so, fill a bucket with a small amount of your all-purpose cleaner and warm water.

  1. Add finishing touches to the shower or bathtub

By the time you’ve wiped down most bathroom surfaces, the all-purpose cleaner will have sat long enough on your shower or bathtub. Use a sponge to gently scrub away any buildup and dirt. Get all floors, walls, and other parts of your shower or bathtub before rinsing.

Next, replace any items you previously removed from the area. If necessary, wipe them before putting them back in place and close your shower door or curtain.

  1. Don’t forget about your vanity

Take the following steps to scrub your vanity area:

  • Spray some all-purpose area onto your faucets, sink, and countertops.
  • Wipe the items down using a cloth.
  • Loosen any buildup in your sink or soap dish with a sponge before wiping it clean.
  • Apply some glass cleaner onto the mirror and wipe it down with newspapers.

7. Clean your toilet

If you’ve scrubbed your toilet regularly, treating it with your toilet brush and some all-purpose cleaner should do the trick. If there’s dirt buildup, add some acid-based toilet cleaner and scrub with the brush. Also, apply your all-purpose cleaner to the outside and wipe it clean with a cloth.

8. Mop your floor

Pour your all-purpose cleaner into a bucket of warm water and dip a mop into it. Wring out excess fluid and clean your bathroom floor.

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