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Things To Do in Seattle – Newcastle Beach Park

Newcastle Beach Park in Seattle, WA

The Washington State coast is renowned for its beauty, but few places can rival Newcastle Beach Park in Seattle. The park has a diverse history, dating back to the 1800s, home to Native American tribes. Today, the beach attracts locals and tourists alike with its picturesque views of Puget Sound and saltwater taffy at the concession stand.

The Newcastle Beach Park is a secluded, quiet beach in Seattle. It lies between the mouth of the Sammamish River and Lake Washington to its south. The park offers beautiful views of downtown Bellevue across Lake Washington to the east and Puget Sound to the west. You can go here by foot or kayak from almost anywhere on Lake Union or Lake Washington with access points at Gas Works Park, Fairview Marina, Constellation Pointe South Dock, Eastlake North Dock, West Shoreline Community College boat launch near Stone Way Bridge, Lincoln Park Boat Launch in Kirkland just off I-405 exit #17 & Matthews Winters House Pier north off NE 70th Street at Sand Point Way NE via Gilman Trail. This is truly a beautiful place to visit.

History of the Newcastle Beach Park

The Newcastle Beach Park is a famous Seattle, WA beach park. It has many amenities for all ages to enjoy the day on the water and in nature. The beach was initially called Coal Creek from when it opened as a public resort in 1893 until 1922, when it changed its name to Newcastle because of coal deposits at this site near Bellevue along Lake Washington’s southern shores. Today you can find food truck vendors that serve some delicious local foods! There are also restrooms nearby, making this waterfront park perfect for families with children or large groups going out on a weekend trip together!

About the Newcastle Beach Park

Newcastle Beach Park is a public park in Seattle, Washington. It has many features and amenities for visitors to enjoy, including an open grassy area with picnic tables, a large sandy beach with views of Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains, as well as Downtown Seattle. It is famous for scuba diving and swimming because of its clear water, healthy populations of fish, and other marine life, including sea stars. There are also several trails for hiking and biking.

There are several miles of trails within the forested area, so visitors have something fun to do while visiting the park. This trail goes around the whole site and is perfect for biking, hiking, or just walking with your dog! Two other paths split off into smaller loops within the forested area.

There are many athletic fields located throughout Newcastle Beach Park. These areas include soccer pitches, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, volleyball pits, tennis courts, and more! You can tell how many people come to this beach by looking at these sports facilities because they’re never empty during all seasons.

Facts about the Newcastle Beach Park

The Newcastle Beach Park is located on the Puget Sound in Seattle, WA. It is named after a coal mining community; it offers 700 feet of saltwater shoreline with a large grassy picnic area.

The park features a playground, restrooms and concession stand as well as parking for over 200 vehicles. It is open from May through September only due to weather-related reasons, so be sure to visit before the end of summer! The Newcastle Beach Park has been voted one of Seattle’s best beach parks.

The Newcastle Beach Park is located on the Puget Sound in Seattle, WA. Named after a coal mining community, it offers 700 feet of saltwater shoreline with a large grassy picnic area and opens prairie-like grassland at one end.

Activities and Events at Newcastle Beach Park

Newcastle Beach Park includes a shallow wading pool for children.

For people who want to try their hand at surfing, there is an area where they can purchase equipment and rent the boards.

There are lifeguards on duty during the summer months, so visitors should check before planning the visit.

Every Saturday during the summer months, there are free outdoor concerts at Newcastle Beach Park.

The park offers picnic areas with gas grills and charcoal grills, as well as benches for those who want to dine on-site.

There’s even an annual summertime carnival held every year at the park that features rides, games, and good food.

The park has a large sandy beach with an adjacent grassy area for picnics, sunbathing, and play.

The park is famous for scuba diving and swimming because of its clear water and healthy fish and other marine life, including sea stars.

What to bring:

Be sure to bring sunscreen if it’s sunny outside because there aren’t any trees or shade at the park.

Umbrellas take up more space than necessary during sunny days but nice when there’s no sun out at all

Bring your food because none is available for sale at this park; however, they do allow dogs, so remember this when packing up your things before coming here with Fido! Your furry friend would love exploring around in this beautiful place just as much as you will.

Blankets or towels. The sand can get extremely hot underneath you, and it’s always good to sit on something soft like a beach towel (and if your feet are cold, then sitting on two towels is even better!) Also, don’t forget one for under your picnic blanket so that you won’t have stains from the grass transferring onto the bottom of your blanket.

What not to bring:

Don’t bring any glass containers. They will be confiscated at the gate entrance, and you lose your deposit if damaged!

Also, don’t bring tents or pop-up canopies unless previously approved for an event (call ahead to make sure).

Don’t bring glass containers or BBQs into the park because they will be confiscated at entry, and you’ll lose your deposit for damaged items.

What to wear:

The park is uncovered, so try not to forget the sunscreen! It gets hot in summer weather even though it’s overcast, probably because of all that concrete around us. Also, jeans are uncomfortable when sitting on a blanket, but shorts seem like they would be too breezy with how windy this beach always seems to get during high tide..hmm, what do I suggest? Many trees are surrounding our area, so something less warm than jeans but warmer than shorts would be the best bet!

The Best Time of Year to Visit Newcastle Beach Park

Spring/Summer seasons are best to visit this location, although late fall through early spring is alright. The summer brings lots of warm days -beach weather- while winter months have colder temperatures making beach trips unpleasant..but during other times, there isn’t much difference between seasons, so pick a time that fits perfectly with what you plan on doing!


Newcastle park is located at 4400 Lake Washington Blvd SE, Bellevue, WA 98006, United States.

Monday 6am–9pm
Tuesday 6am–9pm
Wednesday 6am–9pm
Thursday 6am–9pm
Friday 6am–9pm
Saturday 6am–9pm
Sunday 6am–9pm

Phone: +1 425-452-6914

Website: Newcastle Beach Park

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Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave


Newcastle Beach Park in Seattle WA


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Things To Do in Seattle – Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave


It is not often that a father and son are both iconic figures in the world of cinema. Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee were two such individuals with their legacies.

The gravesite of these two luminaries has been honored for over 20 years now at Lake View Cemetery in Seattle, Washington.

It is a peaceful place to pay respects to one of the most famous martial artists on earth, as well as his talented son, who tragically passed before him.

Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave

Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave in Seattle, WA

Bruce Lee was an iconic figure in the film industry and especially martial arts. He is known for his roles in The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Enter the Dragon, and Way of the Dragon.

Brandon Lee was a beloved actor in his own right, following in the footsteps of his father. He is known for roles such as Eric Draven from The Crow, Billy Lo from Showdown in Little Tokyo, and his role as Bruce Lee in the film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

History of the Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave

In Seattle, Washington, the Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave was a peaceful place to honor an iconic figure and his son. The gravesite was covered with flowers from fans who visited the memorial on September 26 for what would have been Bruce’s 75th birthday.

Fans started arriving as early as three AM after waiting outside since midnight before the cemetery opened at seven am so they could be one of the first people inside when it opened.

Underneath this grave is where both father and son are buried along with their wives Linda Emery Lee (1945-1973), aka “Linda Lee Cadwell” and Shannon Foster Lee (1965-1995), respectively.

Even though there were only six feet between these two plots, each individual had separate funerals. Bruce Lee was buried on July 31, 1973, and Brandon’s body was buried after his death from a mysterious gunshot wound in the chest during the filming of The Crow on March 3, 1993, at age 28.

In 1972, fans were allowed to visit both gravesites. Still, it wasn’t until two years later that they decided not only would it be okay for fans to continue seeing these burial plots but also hold a small memorial service every year where they could honor Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee with flowers as well as speeches about their lives through these grave sites’ history.

As long as there are members still around who want to keep this annual tradition alive along with visitors continuing to pay respect by leaving behind gifts such as spray-painted messages or flowers, this will be a never-ending story.

In addition to the grave of Bruce and Brandon Lee, other graves have been visited by fans as well on this particular plot on Lake View Cemetery, including:

  • Comedian Andy Kaufman (1949-1984), who passed away due to lung cancer but continued his career even after death through poppies left behind on his headstone.
  • Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain (1967-1994), twenty years later since he took his own life with a shotgun blast in April 1994 at age 27.
  • Also buried here is actor/director Sam Shepard (1943-2017), who was known for writing plays such as Buried Child, which won both Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award nominations along with movies like “The Right Stuff” and “Black Hawk Down.”

As of 2014, there are plans to honor Bruce Lee even more by building a Hong Kong museum dedicated solely to him. This is an idea that was brought up about six years ago but wasn’t given any attention until now, where they have already gone ahead with the construction process as well as having plenty of time before this anticipated opening date scheduled somewhere around summer 2019 – ten years after his 100th birthday.

Until then, fans can still visit both gravesites on Lake View Cemetery while keeping alive their memory and through tradition, along with other celebrities residing here such as Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970).

Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave

Facts About the Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave

Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco on November 27, 1940, and Brandon Lee was born on February 1, 1965. Bruce and his family moved to Seattle when he was a teenager. He graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1959.

In 1973 after returning from filming Enter the Dragon in Hong Kong, Bruce took his son to see their home country of China for the first time with his wife, Linda Emery.

What they didn’t know at that point is that this would be one of their last trips together before Brandon tragically died while making The Crow film later that year on March 31, 1993.

After returning to Seattle following Brandon’s tragic death, it wasn’t long before both father and son were laid side by side each other at Lake View Cemetery in Seattle, WA.

Bruce was cremated, and his ashes are interred right next to Brandon’s plot with a statue of him and Brandon over his ashes, as well as a small urn containing the rest of Bruce’s remains.

The inscription on the statue reads “In Memory Of A Husband And Father.” The front of Bruce’s grave marker is inscribed with a quote from him as well as “Bruce Lee, 1940-1973. Family Plot.”

Bruce’s grave marker reads: The Best There Is; The Best There Was; The Best There Ever Will Be.

Brandon’s grave marker reads: A Man Can Be Just If He Does Not Confuse Fame With Greatness.

Brandon’s grave marker has his birth and death dates on it as well. A small stone bench with a dragon statue is placed in front of Bruce and Brandon’s graves.

Nearby, there is another gravesite with a black granite headstone with the names of Bruce and Brandon’s parents: “Lee Hoi Chuen (Father)” and “Fannie Mei Lee (Mother).”

A red and white circular garden of flowers is placed among the gravesites of Bruce, Brandon, and their parents. There are also two other gravesites for Bruce’s nieces, Angela and Solon Lee.

A giant stone statue of a dragon is placed at the entrance to Bruce, Brandon, their parents’ gravesites, and Angela and Solon’s gravesites. The Bruce Lee Foundation placed the giant dragon statues at the entrances to these graves as a symbol of strength and courage.

A quote from Bruce Lee is inscribed on the base of one of these statues: “Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.”

Location of Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave

Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave is located at 1554 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112, United States. It is not necessary to pay an entrance fee or buy a map. The site is well marked.

Monday 9am–8pm
Tuesday 9am–8pm
Wednesday 9am–8pm
Thursday 9am–8pm
Friday 9am–8pm
Saturday 9am–8pm
Sunday 9am–8pm

Phone: +1 206-322-1582

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Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91


Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave Sites in Seattle WA



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Things To Do in Seattle – Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91

Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91 in Seattle WA

Smith Cove Cruise Terminal is a small, remote terminal that has been in operation for more than 50 years. Located on the northwest end of Pier 91, it is one of only two cruise terminals in the city and serves as an essential gateway to Alaska.

The Smith Cove Cruise Terminal was built in 1962. The terminal has been home to many ships, including Koolaus, Island Princess, and the Royal Star, over its 50-year history as a cruise liner. In 2015 it became part of Northwest Seaport after being purchased from the Port of Seattle for 32 million dollars.

The Smith Cove Cruise Terminal was first opened on June 30th, 1962, just south of Myrtle Edwards Park near downtown Seattle WA. Since that time, it’s been home to many maritime vessels such as the Koolaus, Island Princess, and the Royal Star. Many celebrities have also visited it, including Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Midler, Tom Hanks, and even Elvis Presley!

History of Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91

The Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91 in Seattle, WA, is one of the most popular cruises to Alaska. The terminal was built in 1977 and quickly became a destination for travelers coming from all around the world. It has been recently updated but still holds onto its original charm, making it a fantastic place to explore! This is where you will want to board your cruise ship when looking into getting tickets on Alaskan Cruises out of Seattle, Washington, with good travel partners like Princess Cruiselines or Norwegian Cruise Line.

Facts about the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91

The Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91 in Seattle was built by the BNSF Railway Company and is an active cruise ship terminal located on Elliott Bay. It has been part of the port since it became a public facility over 100 years ago. The Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91 in Seattle was built by the BNSF Railway Company and is an active cruise ship terminal located on Elliott Bay.

Completed construction started with its first pier. The Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91 in Seattle was built by the BNSF Railway Company and is an active cruise ship terminal located on Elliott Bay. The cost to build it totaled three million dollars which still sounds expensive today.

During World War II, they built warehouses that stored goods coming into and out of Washington. They also had a large machine shop to fix locomotives and cars, which was a massive part of the war effort. It’s also home to the largest shop in Washington that can carve granite. This shop creates monuments and memorials for all over the world. The docks are still an active part of Seattle history as they were where many troops landed during WWII before heading off to battle.

After World War II ended, the shipyard closed up, but it was reopened quickly after to rebuild ships damaged by war efforts. There was a lot of growth around Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91 in Seattle due to increased transportation needs like cars, trucks, and trains, which allowed people accessible access into downtown Seattle via car ferries or train routes.

The 1970s saw cruise lines become popular again, so BNSF Railway Company invested millions of dollars in having enough room for three ships.

In 2015 Northwest Seaport bought the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal from BNSF Railway Company. It now operates as the home of Alaska Cruises with Princess Cruiselines, Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America Lines, and Royal Caribbean International. In total, there are seven berths here which allow up to three cruise ships in port simultaneously or one ship if they all want to dock on the same day. The terminal is also used by cargo ships that need access into Seattle’s industrial area. This is where Ivar’s restaurant got its start back in 1938, serving fresh seafood daily! It was located on Pier 54 but moved about ten years later when that pier needed repairs after getting damaged in the ’63 earthquake.

Activities and Events at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91 in Seattle

Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, located at Pier 91 just south of downtown, offers various activities and events during the year. Some include tours for cruise ships that are set to arrive at nearby Elliott Bay Marina. These tour groups receive front row seating when they take in an air show or fireworks display from Smith Cove Cruise Terminal’s parking lot area. The terminal also hosts many other events, including weddings, receptions, community festivals, and art shows throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy fine international cuisine while overlooking Puget Sound aboard one of the pier’s two luxury yachts; Jubilee Queen II & Isabella Grace III Charter Yacht. Events planners offer exclusive space rental opportunities with catering services available as well. Tourists can enjoy exploring Seattle’s waterfront attractions while at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal.

Smith Cove Cruise Terminal is located in Seattle, WA, just south of downtown, overlooking Puget Sound on one of two luxury yachts. Public transportation and private shuttles also offer visitors easy access from significant areas around town. Visitors can enjoy exploring Seattle’s waterfront attractions while enjoying fine international cuisine served aboard these vessels, as well as taking in local art shows hosted here throughout the year. For planners looking to host exclusive space rental opportunities with catering services offered too, Smith Cove Cruise Terminal is an ideal location for many events.

Locations of Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91

The Smith Cove Cruise Terminal is located at 2001 W Garfield St, Seattle, WA 98119, United States. Between the Colman Dock and Hiram M. Chittenden Locks of Puget Sound in West Seattle, Washington on Harbor Avenue SW south of Alaskan Way S at the foot of Bell Street. The cruise terminal was opened as a replacement for Pier 52 used since World War II. It has two gangways to allow more than one ship to dock simultaneously – up from just one gangway at Pier 52. In addition, new berths were built with broader headroom and higher ceilings to accommodate new generation ships that project an average of three feet (0.91 m) above their normal water level when docked; those ships are expected to be in service by the 2010s. The terminal has seven berths, two with access for passengers and five for vehicles, along with additional parking near Elliott Bay. It is accessible from Alaskan Way at Columbia Street or Western Avenue that runs parallel above it on Seattle’s waterfront. Southbound State Route 99 also crosses over the terminal while northbound SR-99 passes below it via an interchange completed in 2015.

Phone: +1 206-787-3000

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Dr. Jose Rizal Park


Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91 in Seattle WA



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Things To Do in Seattle – Dr. Jose Rizal Park

Dr. Jose Rizal Park in Seattle, WA

Seattle’s first historical park is a place where the community can gather and enjoy the sights of nature. Located in West Seattle, Dr. Jose Rizal Park is full of activities that will keep you entertained all day long! From walking trails to playgrounds, visitors can do plenty of things when they come out to this public space.

The people behind this project were dedicated to making it an experience unlike any other- something that would stay with you long after your visit was over and make you want to go back again and again. They wanted it to be a place where residents could feel at home and welcome while still beautiful enough for tourists who might not live here year-round.

History of the Dr. Jose Rizal Park in Seattle

The Dr. Jose Rizal Park was dedicated on July 16, 1981, by the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) to commemorate Seattle’s first historic park and a memorial for Filipino independence leader, JOSE RIZAL, who visited Seattle in 1882. Located at Beacon Hill neighborhood near the downtown area of Seattle with mainly residential buildings surrounding it, this small triangular-shaped property is bounded by South Alaska Street on the south side, 14th Avenue S to its west side facing two large apartment complexes named The Royal Crest Apartments and The Harborview Towers. Its north edge meets Beacon Avenue S, where cars pass through, heading towards the I-90 tunnel ramp project currently under construction, while to its east side is a small parking lot overlooking the Interstate-90 and State Route 99. The park is situated near where Jose Rizal along with Puno, Ureta, and Ponce stayed when they arrived in Seattle on May 31, 1882, aboard the ship SS Diamon via San Francisco from Hong Kong after their Japan tour of more than two months to study about coal mines technologies for future industrialization of the Philippines.

Filipino American artist Napoleon Abueva designed Rizal Park. The latter also created other monuments such as the Bonifacio Monument at Corregidor Island, which commemorates Gregorio del Pilar’s victory over Spanish troops during his first significant action in Tirad Pass, Aguinaldo Shrine located at Kawit, Cavite, which was the home of Emilio Aguinaldo, first President of the Philippines and designer of our Philippine Flag in 1897, Rizal Monument at Luneta Park Manila where Jose Rizal was executed by musketry on December 30, 1896, as a martyr during Spanish colonization.

Abueva’s design for Dr. Jose Rizal Park is an open circle symbolizing equality among all races with three major sections: The entry gate from 14th Avenue S has two tall flagpoles bearing the United States and Philippine flags facing each other to represent the friendship between these two countries; a circular fountain near center part is surrounded by four fountains spraying jets of water representing life-giving elements such as earth (north), wind (east), fire (south) and water (west); a bronze bust of Dr. Jose Rizal is located on the south side facing the Royal Crest Apartments where he stayed with his two friends when they visited Seattle during 1882, and flowers surrounding it with benches for resting representing the renewal of life. The park rests on three major points: north, west, and east sides symbolizing past, present, and future, respectively.

Dr. Jose Rizal Park has earned many awards, such as first place in the International Garden Festival at Osaka Japan in 1985, Grand Award Winner from Pacific Coast Chapter Council of Landscape Architects Associations’ Design Competition in 1986, etc. This trendy gathering place was full of activities like public such as celebrations or protests organized by Filipino American community organizations, mainly the FANHS, The Philippine Independence Day Council, Samahang Pilipino, etc.; it was also visited by many dignitaries from both Philippines and United States.

Facts about the Dr. Jose Rizal Park

Dr. Jose Rizal Park is the only park in Seattle named after a Filipino hero. It is home to the Filipino Community Center. Dr. Jose Rizal Park has been the site of many protests, including Filipino American community organizations, mainly the FANHS, The Philippine Independence Day Council, and The Filipino American Political Action Group. There is a community garden located in the park that was started by Eddie Bulosan, author of the classic novel America is in the Heart. This book inspired many Filipinos to immigrate to this country.

The Dr. Jose Rizal Park is one of Seattle’s most popular parks for weddings and receptions with its beautiful gardens, walkways, fountains, and more. The Dr. Jose Rizal Park is located on a historical site where many culturally significant events occurred or were created like:

  • Oratorio de San Felipe Neri (built-in 1904) was the first Filipino Catholic parish church founded by Rev. Peter Crespin, a French priest. The latter helped Filipinos form the Roman Catholic Church here in Washington State. It also holds occasional concerts throughout the year, including classical music recitals for piano, violin, vocalists, and more!
  • A statue of St. Martin de Porres, as a gift from Hawaii’s sister state, Hawaii!
  • The first Filipino newspaper in the US was founded here by Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo called Ilocos Times (1912)

Reason to visit the Dr. Jose Rizal Park in Seattle

Many activities will keep you entertained all day long, from walking trails and playgrounds to swingsets. The people behind this project were dedicated to making it an experience unlike any other- something that would stay with you long after your visit was over and make you want to go back again!

You can see the Seattle skyline from here. Exotic plants and flowers, including birds of paradise. There is even an aviary with colorful tropical birds. The park also has beautiful gardens, walkways, statues of winged dragons, and other mythical creatures. Dr. Jose Rizal Park also offers a safe place for kids to play during the day with its fountains, swings, slides…and more! It is located in a residential neighborhood, so it’s not very crowded on weekdays but fills up quickly on weekends when people come from all over Seattle to enjoy this beautiful park. Seattle’s Chinatown/ID neighborhood is just minutes away from the University of Washington, where you can find many activities happening throughout the week or year that are open to anyone to attend.

Dr. Jose Rizal Park has many beautiful and historical monuments and statues, including:

  • Statues of saints Peter and Paul, patrons of the oratorio that was built on this site.
  • The sculptures symbolize Mother Earth (the woman with her arms raised to support the globe), Father Time (the man who holds up his clock), Youthful Progress (a young male figure holding an electric light bulb), Refreshment of Sleep (man seated on bench reading newspaper while resting head against backrest), Prosperity by Labor (male worker carrying wheat sheaf), and Education (the female figure holding a book).
  • The Wing Luke Museum showcases many artifacts from the Asian Pacific Islander American community and tells their fascinating stories.

Location and Admission

Rizal Park is located at 1007 12th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, United States.

It is bordered by E. Harrison Street on the east, 28th Avenue East on the west, and Belmont Ave to Lake Washington Blvd along the north and south.

It is situated at Lake Washington Blvd and E. Harrison Street in Madison Valley, which lies to the east side of Capitol Hill, north of Madrona and south of Leschi.

The park is easily accessible by bus or car. There are parking lots on both sides of the park and a garage nearby as well – It’s within walking distance from downtown Seattle, so you can get some exercise while exploring this historic neighborhood. Free parking is available in the block to the north of Dr. Jose Rizal Park on King St between Maynard and Juneau.

Dr. Jose Rizal Park is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year! Please check their website for more information. Dr. Jose Rizal Park in Seattle is free and open to the public.

Monday 4am–11:30pm
Tuesday 4am–11:30pm
Wednesday 4am–11:30pm
Thursday 4am–11:30pm
Friday 4am–11:30pm
Saturday 4am–11:30pm
Sunday 4am–11:30pm

Phone: +1 206-684-4075

Website: Dr. Jose Rizal Park

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Luther Burbank Park


Dr. Jose Rizal Park in Seattle WA



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Things To Do in Seattle – Luther Burbank Park

Luther Burbank Park in Seattle, WA

Luther Burbank Park is located in the heart of Seattle, WA. This park provides a great escape from the heat that often accompanies summer living in the city. Not only does Luther Burbank Park offer over 8 acres of lush green space to explore, but it also has plenty of water features, including an oasis pond with a waterfall and bubbling fountain. It’s the perfect place to take a walk and enjoy the day.

Luther Burbank Park is a little-known gem tucked away in south Seattle. The park has numerous trails and footpaths for you to explore and benches and picnic tables for rest and restrooms. If you are looking to escape from the heat of summer or take advantage of beautiful weather in winter, this is a great place to do so. It’s also the perfect spot if you are looking for some peace or want to take a nice, long walk.

History of the Luther Burbank Park

Luther Burbank Park was established in 1923 and is named after Luther Burbank, who developed more than 800 varieties. The park covers about 100 acres and makes a beautiful place to spend time with family, friends, or pets. It has both bays as well as trails where you can walk around the Lake Washington waterfront. There are also playgrounds for kids, keeping them occupied while hiking up the hills surrounding this beautiful lake. You can even rent paddle boats from here if you want some rowing practice or generally enjoy water sports! This is one of those parks we all wish we had nearby, so it’s best to go on a sunny day and make your experience complete by spending some quality time outdoors!

Best time to go to the Luther Burbank Park

Summer months tend to be warmer, but it also means that more people will be attending outdoor events at the Seattle Center – which is only about ten minutes away by car. There’s nothing like the Seattle summer sun, so be sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen.

The park is open from dawn until dusk so that you can visit any time, day or night. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something fun and free to do during your evening hours after work!

Things to know about Luther Burbank Park:

There are lots of hills! Be prepared for walking up and downstairs, trails that cross over steep slopes, etc.

The playground is open from dawn until dusk, but everything else (including parking) closes at 11:00 pm.

Be prepared for lots of people and dogs on the trails! For a more secluded hike, check out one of Seward Park’s other fantastic hiking trails.

Grills and fires are allowed only on the beach with a permit ($20/day) – see more here.

There are public restrooms located near the parking lot and at several places throughout the park.

Dogs must remain on leashes (maximum length is six feet), and you can only let them off-leash in designated areas like the beach, but all pets must have up-to-date licenses.

Burbank Park Trail takes visitors through part of Seward Park’s 1400 acres along with Lake Washington in southeast Seattle, WA. The trail is an easy walk, but please watch your step as there are some steep grades & stairs throughout the park and handrails where available.

Things to do at the Luther Burbank Park

Go fishing off North Point – catch and release only (with license) for salmon and steelhead trout from April to October; smallmouth bass year-round.

Bring your picnic lunch or pack one at home before coming because there aren’t any food vendors at the park.

Play at the playground.

Hike or walk along with one of the many trails. There are even some paved areas for biking!

Enjoy a hike around the 0.67-mile loop trail that makes up Burbank Park Trail, or tackle one of more than 30 other trails in Seward Park’s 1400 acres!

Bring your camera and take plenty of pictures! There are lots of photo opportunities here.

Bring a kite or frisbee to play with on the grass, or rent paddle boats from Seward Park Boathouse.

Visit the summer when all the water features, including the waterfall and bubbling fountain, are open!

Take a relaxing break by cooling off in the spray fountains.

What not to do at Luther Burbank Park:

Do not feed any wildlife you may come across in Seward Park

Do not climb on trees as it is against city rules

Steep grades and stairs can be found throughout the park, so please watch your step and use handrails where available.

Do not forget your camera! This is a fantastic spot for beautiful images of the Seattle skyline.

Consider not bringing your dog on the Burbank Park Trail to protect ground-nesting birds.

No hunting, fishing, or camping is permitted in the park. This includes drones! Do not fly them here.

What to bring:

Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses are recommended, along with plenty of water!

Bug spray and a change of clothes for little ones who might fall in the water.

You can bring your lunch or pack one before coming because there aren’t any food vendors at the park!

Nearby Attractions

Visit the Seattle Center with theaters, restaurants, and attractions for all ages!  Ride a Monorail over to Westlake Mall in Downtown Seattle or take Link Light Rail from SeaTac Airport directly into downtown. Visit Cafe Vita coffee shop is just south at Columbia & Republican Streets, other great cafes can be found throughout the Capitol Hill neighborhood, including popular Seattle chains like Top Pot Doughnuts, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and Caffé Ladro just north of Seattle Center.


Luther Burbank Park is located at 2040 84th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040, United States.

Monday 6am–9:30pm
Tuesday 6am–9:30pm
Wednesday 6am–9:30pm
Thursday 6am–9:30pm
Friday 6am–9:30pm
Saturday 6am–9:30pm
Sunday 7am–10pm

Phone: +1 206-275-7609

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Bridle Trails State Park


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Things To Do in Seattle – Bridle Trails State Park

Bridle Trails State Park in Seattle, WA

Bridle Trails State Park is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a great place to hike and horseback ride. The park has 900 acres of diverse terrain that will challenge hikers and horseback riders alike. On the east side of the park, rolling hills provide a good workout for those who decide to explore them on foot or by horse; if you need more excitement, head west, where cliffs await!

History of the Bridle Trails State Park

The park was created in 1968 when the state legislature authorized a land swap that enabled King County to build an expressway. However, the property’s original owners had stipulated that if they were ever unable to continue maintaining their roads on this section of highway, then ownership would revert to them or their heirs. To ensure public access continued after construction began, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission took over management duties for these roads (and about 900 acres) pending completion of complete ownership transfer upon retirement by either party; this occurred in 1979 with final conveyance granted 1984. The Bridle Trails State Park provides scenic trails throughout its nearly 800-acre forested landscape, home to many native plants and wildlife. The park contains over 28 miles of trails for hiking and horseback riding.

Things to know about the Bridle Trails State Park:

Bridle Trails is a vast park that you can spend all day in. There are several trails and many different sights to see, so wear comfortable shoes and plan on being outside for a while. The North trailhead has off-leash dog walking, making it the perfect place if you have your puppy! If not, there’s still plenty of hiking options without dogs allowed on them too. Many people love this area because it feels like an escape from Seattle even though it isn’t far away. The trails are well maintained, and there is so much to do you could spend all day here.

It’s important to note that dogs are not allowed in Bridle Trails State Park at all. There is no water access either; however, there are several trails that are wheelchair accessible.

There is a large variety of plant life, including many types of trees and wildflowers (over 500 species), along with wildlife like river otters, lizards, deer, coyotes, and more.

The park has three central trail systems: – The Overlake Loop Trail is about two miles long and is accessible from the 148th Ave SE entrance. – The East Lake Sammamish Trail system has over six miles of trails and can be accessed by two entrances, NE 70th St or 74th St.

The Bridle Trails Loop trail starts at West Lake Sammamish Parkway NW, once a popular wagon route to Issaquah and other communities east of Seattle.

Several gravel roads allow you to drive through the park, but be aware that these routes can become very crowded with cars on weekends.

If you’re looking for a bit more adventure, horseback riding is also at Bridle Trails State Park! You can bring your horse, or you can rent one. Several routes range from beginner to advanced levels of difficulty (and varying distances).

Things to do in Bridle Trails State Park

Hiking trails take you through forests, wetlands, and grasslands. The park offers miles of hiking trails to explore on foot or by bicycle – equestrian activities including horseback riding (bring your horse).

Picnicking areas with tables, grills, and restrooms are located throughout the park

Wildlife activities include birding in season, viewing beaver ponds, and trout fishing in the lake

Mountain bike activities include 13 miles of trails for beginner to advanced riders, including a skills course

Horseback riding activities include horse trails for beginner to advanced riders, including a skills course.

Horseback riding activities are available year-round (you can bring your horse or rent one).

Bridle Trails State Park activities are open year-round (weather permitting).

Hiking trails take you through forests, wetlands, and grasslands.

Mountain bike activities for beginner to advanced riders on 13 miles of trails, including a skills course.

Things not to do in Bridle Trails State Park

Cameras are allowed on the site is held by hand or tripod (no cameras on helmets), but no pets, smoking, or alcohol is permitted in the park.

Avoid the trails after it rains as they will be muddy and slippery.

Bridges are for foot traffic only, no bikes or horses, so keep this in mind when exploring the trails.

Location and Admission of Bridle Trails State Park

The Bridle Trails State Park is located at 5300 116th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98033, United States.

Admission to the Bridle Trails State Park

It is fee-based. Visitors can pay to use the park for hiking and horseback riding purposes, which are two of the many activities available at this nature preserve. Most people hike on Bridle Trails State Park trails because they offer a wide range of spectacular views that visitors cannot find anywhere else in Seattle or even Washington state!

The Bridle Trails State Park has two main trailheads for hikers and horseback riders:

The Bridle Trails State Park Trailhead and the other main park entrance is the Lynnwood Road Trailhead for hikers and horseback riders. It provides access to a network of trails that cross the Bridle Trails, State Park.

Hours of Operation

Sunrise to Sunset daily, year-round. Day use only; activities must cease 30 minutes before Sunset.

Phone: +1 425-452-6885

Website: Bridle Trails State Park

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Bridle Trails State Park in Seattle WA



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