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Pros and Cons of Hiring a House Cleaning Service

What does your home tell about you? Is it tidy and organized or cluttered with piles of clothes, dirty dishes, and miscellaneous items scattered throughout the house? If you are like most people, your answer to this question would be that your home reflects how much time you have. And if this is true, then chances are good that you don’t have enough hours in the day to keep up with all of the household chores. Luckily for us, some companies specialize in cleaning services!

Is hiring a house cleaner worth it? In this blog post, we will discuss both pros and cons of hiring a house cleaning service. This way, when it comes time for decision making, you will know what questions to ask and what factors might influence which type of service you choose. There are pros and cons of hiring a house cleaning service, but it may be worth it if you do not have time or energy to clean your own home.


Hiring a Cleaning Service: Why Is it Worth it?

Less time spent on chores

When hiring a house cleaner to make your home more attractive, clean, organized, and reduce your time on chores or other activities.

A significant benefit of hiring someone to do all of this for you is that they will know how to get these things done and save money by buying supplies in bulk, resulting in lower monthly payments than if you purchase them yourself. Many people find that having their homes cleaned regularly makes them feel better about themselves, improving happiness levels overall. When deciding whether or not to hire a house cleaning service, there are some factors one should consider before making their decision:

  • The amount of time you have to clean your home.
  • There are specific rooms that need more care than others because they get used a lot or have a history of being messy.
  • Having particular items cleaned is essential to you, such as furniture, appliances, countertops, etc.
  • If you want to be able to control when the service is offered.

Less Stress

The biggest pro associated with having others help you maintain your personal space by doing things like dusting, mopping, sweeping floors, washing dishes, etc., would have to be freeing the experience knowing there’s nothing left to do at home after a long day of work. People can feel proud knowing that their homes are clean, and they have more time to spend on other things like spending quality time with family members or just relaxing instead of worrying about getting behind on tasks around the house. Another pro is having someone else take care of improving your home’s appearance, making it look beautiful, which will boost happiness levels overall, resulting in increased confidence, energy, etc.

Have an easier time being productive.

One of the many benefits of hiring a house cleaning service is that it can be much easier to maintain a clean home when you have professionals helping you. It can also be easier for people who don’t feel like they’re doing such an excellent job cleaning. In addition to all of this, having a clean home can make it easier for people to get work done by eliminating distractions from clutter and miscellaneous items.


Hiring a House Cleaning Service: Why is it not worth it?

More money needs to be spent.

Hiring someone to clean your home have few cons, but if you want the job done right with no worries about getting behind on tasks, then this could be perfect for you.

The main con associated with spending money on having their homes cleaned by others is that some people feel they lose free time or freedom when someone else enters their personal space without permission. Some find that it feels weird knowing there’s an unknown person touching objects that only family members have touched before in one’s own home, including blenders, bedsheets, furniture, etc., which can make them uncomfortable even after they’ve met the cleaner more than once. Another downside of hiring a house cleaner is that they may not do the best job possible. If someone isn’t careful or takes their time cleaning, it could come back to bite you when your home gets dirty again after only a few days, which means more money for another cleaning service visit.

Less free time

Even though there are several pros associated with hiring a house cleaner to help maintain your home, one of the cons could be that people have less free time on their hands which results in having fewer opportunities to spend quality time with friends or doing things they enjoy while also spending more money because you don’t get as much done around the house before heading into after work hours meaning it’s possible that once again someone else may need to come and take care of these tasks if this applies! Another con is not being able to control when the service comes. This can result in lost sleep due to anxiety over whether or not everything will be clean by certain times, depending on what was agreed upon.

Getting lazier

One con associated with hiring a house cleaner is that some people get lazy and start depending on others to clean their homes. If this is the case, then it might be time to get your act together because if you have no motivation or drive left to keep things clean on your own, you might lose some friends, which can result in even more added stress. Another con is not being able to control when the service comes. This can result in lost sleep due to anxiety over whether or not everything will be clean by certain times, depending on what was agreed upon.

You might not like the cleaners.

The last con of hiring a house cleaner is that if for some reason you don’t like them, then you’re stuck with them! This means letting them into your home and having to put up with their negative energy, moods and not do a perfect job resulting in homes getting dirty again after only a few days meaning money for another cleaning service visit would need to be spent again soon enough.


Pros of Hiring a House Cleaning Service:

Your time is valuable and can be used for more important things than cleaning your house or office building! With the help of professional cleaners, you will have some extra hours in your life to pursue other interests.

– A clean environment both inside and outside your home is a sign of health and hygiene. Having your home cleaned regularly will help rid the house of allergens, dust mites, and other contaminants that can cause asthma or trigger allergies in some people.

– Hiring professional cleaners ensures you get the service for which you are paying! If anything is not up to par with your standards, then it’s best if another company re-cleans what was done before rather than risk bad reviews from unhappy customers.

– It is an excellent option for people who do not have enough time to clean their homes.

– If you plan on moving out of your home, getting it cleaned before a showing will increase the chances that potential buyers see its actual value!

– You can avoid potential injuries by hiring professional cleaners. Sometimes homes are so cluttered that accidents happen regularly, leading to pain and suffering for the homeowner!

– The peace of mind knowing your house is clean will help you feel less stressed out during the week. You’ll be more relaxed when coming home after work or school rather than dealing with piles of dirty laundry or dishes in need of cleaning from last night’s dinner party!

– If time isn’t an issue, then it may make sense to do some preparation before having professionals come into your home. This way, they will have enough time to go through all rooms and surfaces such as counters, appliances, tables, chairs, etc.

These things will help determine if having a professional clean your home is the right choice for you.

– You don’t have to do it yourself, which can be taxing on your body if done consistently over time.

– They are experienced in the field so know precisely what to do, when it needs to be done and how often.

– There is less of a risk of negative consequences because they have been doing this for a long time.

– You can still choose your equipment, chemicals, and supplies to use to meet your specific needs.

– There will be additional fees if they damage something during the process.


Cons of Hiring a House Cleaning Service:

– Once again, if something isn’t up to par, then you don’t want another company re-cleaning what was done before. This can often lead to negative reviews from unhappy customers and cause the lousy word of mouth about your business or organization.

– You lose control over how often cleaning takes place or what gets cleaned when hiring an outside service rather than doing it yourself. This may be important if certain rooms get used more frequently, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

– While hiring a cleaning service may be beneficial, there are still costs associated with their services, such as travel time, mileage reimbursement costs (if they have to drive more than one hour), supplies used during cleanings (such as chemicals), and equipment that is used.

– Not all cleaning companies are the same! Some may use harsh chemicals for cleanings which can be harmful to you, your pets, or anyone with allergies. It’s best to research a company before hiring them, so you know exactly what they will do when it comes time for service.

– There isn’t much of a risk in using professional cleaners unless they damage something while working on your home (such as breaking dishes by accident); however, if this does happen, then there could be additional fees due because contractually, these issues should have been avoided in order not to incur extra costs upon the customer.

– If you are very particular about the cleanliness of your home, then it may be hard to trust other people with things like making sure the floor is swept, the sink and countertops are clear of any dust or dirt after a thorough cleaning has been done.

– You may not like the idea of someone else in your home even if you trust them completely. It may take some getting used to depending on how attached or comfortable you are with your home. If you don’t like sharing things, this can be a problem because it is likely they will see your items.

– It can be more expensive than doing it yourself, depending on how long you want the cleaning to last and what services need to be done.

– There may be a time zone or scheduling issue that can make it difficult for you to have your home cleaned at the time of your choosing.

Hiring a house cleaning service has both positive and negative, but ultimately, hiring a professional cleaning service depends on you and your goals. However, the benefits are clear in that having a clean home can increase happiness levels, reduce stress and allow you to spend your time doing other activities.


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How To Clean Coins

Cleaning coins is a difficult task. It requires suitable materials and the knowledge of how to clean them to get your money’s worth properly. If you are considering cleaning coins, then this blog post will help you with that process. We will discuss what type of material is necessary for cleaning and what techniques work best on different types of dirt.

We’ll also talk about how to store your coins after they’ve been cleaned so that they stay protected from dirt and other debris!

Cleaning coins is an easy project that can be done at home. Depending on the material, you may need to use different techniques. A couple of standard methods are described in this article, along with some images of before and after cleaning results for several types of metals commonly found in circulated U.S. coinage.

The first step is to remove any loose dirt or debris from the surface using a soft toothbrush, old cotton swabs, or your hands if possible (wear gloves when handling copper). If stubborn stains have adhered to the metal, try gently scrubbing them off with fine steel wool (#0000) until they fade away. After brushing, clean all surfaces thoroughly rinse each piece under warm water while rubbing it firmly between your fingers.

The next step is to dry the coins thoroughly and remove any moisture by placing them on a paper towel. Last, you want to buff each currency with a soft cloth, gently moving away from the raised areas of design until they shine. It may take some time, but eventually, your result will be worth it! If desired, you can even try using toothpaste or baking soda mixed with water as an alternative cleaning solution. Just make sure not to rub too hard when scrubbing stains off metal since this could scratch up both sides of the coin’s surface.

A common question for those new at cleaning their coins has to do with whether or not there are specific chemicals that should never be used during this process—the answer is yes! The following are considered harmful to both the metal and your health.

Ammonia, chlorine bleach, or any other solution containing these chemicals should never be used for cleaning coins since they will cause them to corrode over time. Other products that contain harsh acids like vinegar, muriatic acid (pool grade), hydrochloric acid, etc., can also ruin metals, so it’s best not to use those either if possible. It may take more effort, but you’ll have a much better result in the end without using anything too risky during this process.

Alternatively, some organic solutions work well on copper-alloy pieces, such as Indian head pennies, including lemon juice mixed with water or baking soda, salt water, or white vinegar. White distilled vinegar is one of the better choices since it does not contain any harmful chemicals and can help remove stains from copper coins without damaging them. Other options for cleaning pennies include using toothpaste (gel types work best) on a soft cloth or even mixing some warm water with table salt to clean away any stubborn dirt that may be present—a bit more elbow grease will likely be needed, though!

Using these techniques, you should have no problem removing most tarnish marks very quickly, along with getting rid of other blemishes which are stuck onto your coin’s surface once they’ve been thoroughly cleaned off. If there are still persistent problems after trying different methods consulting an expert specializing in rare coins may be your best bet.

To conclude, cleaning coins is a great activity to do at home if you know what you’re doing and have the proper supplies on hand. Even damage caused by corrosion can often be reversed as long as it hasn’t eaten away too much of the metal or gone too deep into any crevices around raised markings. Sometimes older pieces will even show off oil-like stains, which are hard to remove, but these issues can usually be dealt with relatively quickly using one of many different techniques for this purpose! Just make sure not to use anything harsh like bleach or acid-based cleaners when trying out new solutions since those could potentially damage both sides of the coin’s surface instead. As good luck and happy collecting!


Cleaning Coins: Cleaning Techniques for Dirty Coins

How to clean coins by brushing them off with fine steel wool (#0000) until they fade away.

After brushing clean, all surfaces thoroughly rinse each piece under warm water while rubbing it firmly between your fingers. The next step is to dry the coins thoroughly and remove any moisture by placing them on a paper towel. Last, you want to buff each currency with a soft cloth, gently moving away from the raised areas of design until they shine. It may take some time, but eventually, your result will be worth it! If desired, you can even try using toothpaste or baking soda mixed with water as an alternative cleaning solution. Just make sure not to rub too hard when scrubbing stains off metal since that can cause more damage.



  • Soak coin in vinegar for 24 hours. This will remove the black tarnish and corrosion on your cash! If you don’t have any white or apple cider vinegar, use one bottle of regular distilled vinegar and add a teaspoon of salt to help draw out more dirt and corrosion from the coin. You can also use lemon juice if you prefer not to use vinegar; however, it is not as effective at removing heavy spots on your pennies as this method is.
  • Ensure to clean off all remnants of wetness with warm water after soaking (also dry completely) before adding baking soda paste next because this could cause additional spotting later when we wipe away everything with a toothbrush. Add some baking powder/soda to a bowl of water and mix it to make your paste.
  • Apply the baking soda mixture with an old toothbrush, being careful not to scrub away any details on the coin’s surface, which you don’t want removing! Use a soft circular motion when applying so as not to scratch the metal either.
  • Use vinegar again for this next step because it will help remove refined grains of dirt or corrosion that remain after the brushing process is complete. Soak coins in vinegar solution again until all tarnish appears gone (allow 24 hours). After soaking time is up, dry off completely before placing them back in an airtight container if you will store them somewhere else later on.
  • If some more refined details are still unclear, you can try using toothpaste or baking soda paste once more to clean up the surface. If this doesn’t do it, then you might need to use fine 0000 steel wool instead for your final cleaning step. This will help remove any stubborn rust deposits so they don’t damage the coin further in future handling or if left untouched over time. Be very careful when doing this last bit, though, because it could scratch away details on coins!
  • Repeat the same process to another side of the penny only if needed after completing the first side with the steps above, making sure both sides are fully dry before storing them back into an airtight container. Try avoiding touching surfaces again until the next time you get ready to work on these pennies again.
  • Seal container to keep all your pennies protected, organized, and separated from other coins! (You could also store these in paper coin sleeves instead if you don’t have any airtight containers.)



  • Soak silver dollars for at least 24 hours first before beginning the scrubbing process with a toothbrush because this will help loosen up dirt/corrosion already on the surface of each coin; allow them to dry completely after soaking time is over before applying the paste. You can use regular baking soda or mix some water + dishwashing liquid soap into a bowl until it forms a thick white mixture that looks like frosting. When ready, Add more salt again as you did before if you feel this would help more.
  • Apply the mixture using a toothbrush to the coin’s surface until all corrosion is removed, being careful not to remove any details or designs on the front side of cash that you don’t want to be scratched away. Allow time for the paste to dry completely after application so it can work effectively without damaging surfaces further in the scrubbing process (you could speed up the drying by fanning off with a hairdryer). Avoid touching areas again until next time when getting ready to clean coins because dirt/residue will be transferred back onto them from hands easily during handling. Be sure both sides are thoroughly dried before storing each one into the airtight container!
  • When silver coins look dull and tarnished, a good way of cleaning them is by soaking the coins overnight in milk. This will help remove stains from either side of the coin

Thank you for reading my blog post about how to clean dirty or tarnished old pennies! I hope this has been helpful to those who need it most!


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How Much Does a Maid Cost in Seattle?

The Emerald City of Seattle is considered one of the best places to live in the US, let alone the Pacific Northwest.  However, the Seattle area’s high quality of life all-too-often translates into a high cost of living as well.

Indeed, the median home cost here is nearly twice that of the rest of the state, and grocery bills, housing, and transportation costs aren’t far behind. So while the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area remains a great place to live and work, it is by no means a place you can get by “on the cheap.” 

For families considering a professional cleaning or maid service in Seattle, the potential cost of these services might seem like a pretty big barrier. However, as we’ll show you in this article, getting a dedicated, professional maid for your Seattle home or apartment doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg. 


Why You Need a Maid in the First Place

The world is a busy place, and if you live in a beautiful part of the country like Seattle, there are always things to do both indoors and outdoors. So to make the most of your work and free time, you might want to consider hiring a part-time housekeeper, maid, or cleaning service. This is an excellent way to maintain your home’s cleanliness and appearance while saving time and energy for the things you want to do. 

It’s also worth noting that having a maid on your side is a great way to protect your home’s value and stave off expensive repair and cleaning costs. With the average Seattle home going for nearly a quarter-million dollars, it’s important to maintain your investment and clean it regularly. If mold, mildew, rot, or other issues get a chance to take hold, they can cost you a fortune down the line (or negatively affect your home’s value). 

In short: having a dedicated maid service in Seattle is the best way to protect your investment, keep your home clean, and – most importantly – keep your free time free!


Understanding What Factors Into the Cost

Before you go about hiring a maid or cleaning service, you need to realize what is being factored into the cost of your service. In this section, we’ll outline exactly what it is you’re paying for so you can get a better sense of the value a company like NW Maids can provide. 

  • Types of Cleaning Companies

Cleaning companies come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of professionalism. For instance, independent cleaners or contractors are self-employed teams or individuals who work on a client-by-client basis. Because they are the final word on pricing, they can often negotiate their services much more readily than corporate cleaning companies. However, they might not have all the insurance, licensing, and security in place that a homeowner might like. 

However, most established cleaning companies do. They also tend to have larger, more well-equipped crews so that they can do more jobs in more places throughout the day. The problem is that all of that comes with a cost that is passed along to you, the customer. On top of that, going with a larger company means you’ll lose that “personal touch” of getting to know your maid and ensuring he or she knows the what, when, and how of your home.  

  • Security

As stated above, different types of cleaning companies will provide different levels of security. For instance, with a single independent contractor, you might not be able to verify the backgrounds of the people who will be in your home. They also might not have the proper insurance to protect you (and their workers) in case something were to happen. Though incidents are rare, many Seattle homeowners would prefer a properly-vetted cleaning workforce. 

Bigger companies are almost always licensed, bonded, and insured against damage, theft, and injury. Remember, you aren’t just concerned about someone taking your jewelry, but about a maid slipping down the stairs and potentially suing you for negligence. Though working with a big company doesn’t eliminate this possibility, it does provide lots of homeowners with peace of mind (at a cost).

  • Professionalism

In the event an independent contractor makes a mistake, overcharges you, or doesn’t provide the promised service you expected, what are you going to do? In most cases, the person who supplied the unsatisfactory service is the owner / operator of the company. If they choose to be unprofessional, there’s very little you can do about it. 

Big companies usually have a customer service team to call if you need assistance or report a problem. Though this doesn’t automatically mean that you won’t have to be concerned about poor customer service, it can provide you with at least some sense of security and protection. 

  • The Type (and Frequency) of Service

You can’t reasonably expect to pay the same amount to clean a five-bedroom mansion and a two-bedroom apartment. Nor can you expect to pay the same for a touch-up and a total-move out deep cleaning.  On the other end of the spectrum, most cleaning companies (independent, corporate, or otherwise) are happy to provide discounts for frequent, repeat work. 

All of this is factored into the price of your service before you pay for it. So if you want to get your cabinets, oven, and refrigerator detailed, you’re going to pay more than someone who simply wants some light dusting and their floors mopped. So, remember to consider what type of service you want and how often you want it before you start comparing and contrasting different quotes. 

When you start contacting cleaning companies to price out their services, you need to understand that everything listed above is included in the price quote they provide. And while it’s always nice to get your hands on a great deal, you should try to remember that those deals might come at the cost of security, professionalism, frequency, and cleaning options. 

Alternatively, you can’t just assume that larger companies are automatically free of problems. Since they have bigger teams and larger service areas, they can stand to lose a few unhappy customers without it affecting their reputation.


How NW Maids Solves Your Cleaning Company Problems

Thanks to our years of experience in this industry, we’ve been able to come up with comprehensive solutions to all of the problems above. For instance:

  • Pricing 

Both independent cleaning contractors and large regional businesses know that Seattle is more expensive than Renton, Kent, or Lynwood. This means they’ll often raise their prices for anyone living in the metro area, regardless of where the company itself is located. 

NW Maids solves this problem by providing Flat Rate pricing throughout the Pacific Northwest. This means that we provide a fair, affordable price no matter where you’re property is. As an added bonus, our flat-rate pricing is fully customizable. This means you only pay for the services you select and nothing more. 

  • Security and Professionalism

One of the things that makes Northwest Maids so different is that we are a maid service referral company. This means that we evaluate each customer based on their needs and location, then send one of our carefully vetted affiliate companies out to do the job. We’ve done the hard work for you by curating partnerships with the best local cleaning companies in Oregon and Washington. This means you can rest assured that you’ll get the professional service you deserve.

Since we are fully licensed and bonded, we can provide the security our clients want as well as the customer support they need. Again, we only work with the best cleaning companies in the Pacific Northwest, so when you call NW Maids, you get worry-free, hassle-free service from companies both large and small.  

  • Type and Frequency of Service

Again, our flat-rate pricing is specifically designed to save our customers time, money, and stress. You simply select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home and then pick the type of service you prefer. You then choose any add-ons you’d like as well as the frequency at which you’d like the service to be provided. Our automated booking system then automatically calculates the cost. No price gouging! No hidden fees. 

  • We Start with a Great Standard Cleaning Package

Whenever you book an NW Maids affiliate, you get a basic package of services designed to keep your home spic, span, and safe. This includes dusting, floor cleaning, garbage removal, and polishing in your bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces. We also polish all countertops in your kitchen while emptying the sink of dishes and glassware. This service ensures that you come home to a beautiful, sparkling space, but without having to search for any of your stuff!


Afterward, You Can Customize Your Service with Add-ons

At NW Maids, we believe you should only pay for the services you want. If you do need something special, simply select it from our booking page, and we’ll automatically factor it into the price. Examples include:

  • Deep Cleaning ($65) –With our deep cleaning service, we get under, behind, and on top of every surface we can find, eliminating trapped dust and germs wherever they might be hiding. 
  • Fridge Cleaning ($25) – We get inside your fridge to clean up every stain and spill, then put everything back where it was. 
  • Oven Cleaning ($25) – Even self-cleaning ovens need a good deep cleaning now and then. We’ll use top-quality products to ensure your oven remains grease (and smoke) free. 
  • Interior Windows ($65) – We can do a top to bottom clean on every interior window in your house for a small additional fee.  
  • Cabinet Cleaning ($25) – Just remove all of your items ahead of our visit, and our NW Maids will make your cabinets look brand new by the time you get home. 
  • Basement Cleaning ($80) – Basements are where dust and mildew love to build up, but our teams can eliminate those issues before they become problems while giving your floors, walls, and windows a nice once-over as well. 
  • Laundry Services ($25) – We’re more than happy to wash and dry one load of clothes, towels, or linens so that they’re waiting for you when you get home.  
  • Move In/Out Cleaning ($175) – Skip that heavy-duty move-in / move-out deep clean and let us do the heavy lifting for you. You’re home with be ready for you or the new owners in no time. 


Save by Becoming a Repeat Customer

There’s nothing more valuable to a business than a customer who comes back, which is why we here at NW Maids offer great incentives for frequent service. For instance: 

  • Once Per Month (10% Off)– If you commit to getting your home cleaned once a month, we can provide you with a 10% discount on the entire service. 
  • 2x Per Month (15% Off) – Not only does twice-per-month service prevent the build-up of mildew, dust, and bacteria, but it will save you a whopping 15% per service. 
  • Weekly Cleaning (20% Off) – Get a huge frequent flyer discount by opting for weekly cleanings. There’s no better way to protect your investment.


Professional Home Cleaning

So, how much does a maid cost in Seattle? It depends – and that’s a good thing. If a company tries to tell you how much a service will cost before they find out what you want cleaning, how big your home is, and what special services you want, you’re likely paying far too much, or getting very questionable service and security. You want a cleaning company that caters to your specific needs so that you don’t end up paying more or getting less than you want!

At NW Maids, we’ve made it our mission to provide affordable, reliable home cleaning to the Pacific Northwest. As a top-quality maid service referral company, we  only partner with the very best cleaners throughout Washington, Oregon, and beyond. Our ultimate goal? To let you know how professional cleaning can not only change your home, but your life as well. 

If you’re ready to make the professional cleaning commitment, call the team that knows how to get you what you want at a price you can afford. That’s NW Maids. 


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What Services Do Housekeepers Typically Provide?

If you don’t think you’re quite up to the task of keeping a spotless and presentable home, you are not alone. From work to social events, kids’ activities, and more, most homeowners barely have a chance to catch their breath, let alone deep clean the oven. 

That’s where a housekeeper can be a big help. But before you talk about how housekeepers are only for wealthy families (or those with their own sitcom), you should understand that professional home cleaning is more accessible and affordable than ever. 

In fact, here at NW Maids, we’ve “maid” it our business to refer customers of all backgrounds and budgets to the best housekeeping and house cleaning service providers in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, if you’re new to the game, you might not know what goes into hiring this type of service or what it might cover.

So, what services do professional housekeepers actually provide? 

It’s a simple question, but there’s more to the answer than you think!


Why Hire Professional Housekeeping Services?

A Neat and Tidy Space

A clean space is essential for healthy and happy living. Whether you have no time to clean or are simply not good at it, professionals can take care of the job effectively. Hiring help enables you to move through life quickly without having to worry about doing the dishes or cleaning the bathrooms. It offers you much–needed peace of mind that is necessary to function at your best. With a professional housekeeper by your side, you can utilize that time to work on yourself, your job, or your family.

No Supplies Needed

Stop worrying about always stocking up on cleaning supplies. With paid help, you can generally expect them to bring their own cleaning supplies. Sure, you can keep your own personal supplies for a quick touch up here and there, but you will never need enough for large-scale cleaning. 

More Flexibility about Your Requirements 

The good thing about hiring housekeepers is that you can pay for specific tasks that need completing. For example, if you are expecting guests, you might need deep cleaning of the guest room only. Once the guests leave, you can hire the service for any final touchups. 

A Job Done Better 

You might know your home better than a cleaning expert, but you might not necessarily know the art of precise cleaning. There might be things that are getting overlooked either because you don’t know how to clean them or don’t want to. Such spaces can include ceiling fans or even the different corners of your toilet. That’s because they aren’t very easy to access or may require special equipment to clean. A professional will ensure to clean out all the nooks and crannies of your house, regardless of how difficult they might be to clean. 

Say Goodbye to Pet Shedding and Odor

Especially if you have a dog or cat as a pet, you can expect to clean your house more frequently. That’s because of all the shedding that comes with owning a pet. Furthermore, you can say goodbye to that unpleasant pet stink. Professionals will always keep your house clean and smelling fresh, so you don’t have to worry about guests unexpectedly stopping by for a visit. Moreover, you will always come home to a refreshed space, which is probably one of the best feelings. 

More Cleaning Knowledge and Experience 

It is a no-brainer that a professional housekeeper will do a better job looking after the nitty-gritty of house cleaning and maintenance. Their knowledge also allows them to know what supplies are to be used on what surfaces. You don’t want to use a product that will fade the color of your furniture or leave scratch marks all over your appliances. The professionals will use the right products on the right surfaces or avoid certain products altogether. This will ultimately ensure that your home is kept in the ideal condition.


When to Hire Professional Housekeeping Services?

You’re a Working Person 

If your job keeps you away for long hours, the last thing you would want is to come home to a dirty and unkempt home. Take the time to pamper yourself and relax after a long day so you can be productive the next. A housekeeper will take this responsibility from you then do a great job fulfilling it. 

You have a Busy Family or Social Life

Having children, pets, or a bustling social life might mean that your dirty dishes stack up and your furniture gathers dust. An expert housekeeper will lessen the burden, so you get more time to focus on your family and friends.

You Just Welcomed a New Baby 

A newborn can really take a lot out of your time and energy, leaving you completely drained. Mothers have to take care of their babies full-time, so they definitely deserve to take a break from other household chores. Your housekeeper will make sure that everything is in order so you can catch your breath. 

Cleaning Isn’t Your Forte 

Cleaning is not easy and definitely not for everyone. It is nice, to be honest with yourself and get hired help if you feel that you can’t keep up with housekeeping demands. Even if you don’t mind cleaning your house, you might not necessarily be good at it. To make sure that your living space is in optimal condition, you will need to learn new ways to housekeep. If that seems like a lot of work, outsourcing professional help is the best way to go about it. 

You are a Frequent Traveler 

If you travel a lot due to work or leisure, your home will still need regular cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, it poses a security concern if your house isn’t looked after once in a while. Hiring a housekeeper will ensure that your home stays clean and organized while you are away. Plus, it will give you peace of mind knowing that someone is keeping a watch on your house and personally checking if everything is in order. 


What Services Do Housekeepers Provide?

One of the first things you should understand is that there’s a bit of a difference between a “home cleaner’ and a “housekeeper.” For instance, the former is someone you typically hire for big jobs or one-offs, while the latter is someone who makes more regular visits to your home. 

Luckily, since NW Maids works with hundreds of service providers across both Oregon and Washington, we can easily satisfy all of your cleaning needs, regardless of how big, how small, or how frequent. That means we can use the terms “housekeeper” and house cleaner” interchangeably.

Another thing you need to understand about professional housekeeping services is that you’re the boss! While there are some jobs that a cleaner won’t do, most basic services are covered and priced to fit your budget and needs. As seasoned pros ourselves, NW Maids has streamlined the housekeeping experience by letting you book partial or full home cleaning based on the number of rooms in your home. If you want an extra service like oven cleaning, basement cleaning, or move-out deep clean, just add it on. 

Once you have made a decision to hire housekeeping help, what can you expect from their services? At NW Maids, our professional housekeepers undertake the following tasks so you can relax and go about your day stress-free.

That said, let’s start with the basics:

Basic Cleaning Services 

A clean house is always comfortable, inviting, and healthy. Our assistants have the necessary experience and qualifications to carry out a variety of basic cleaning services for your living areas, including bathrooms, kitchens, and dining areas. These services are:

Bedrooms and Living Areas

Areas like bedrooms and living rooms see a lot of foot traffic, so they tend to get cluttered, dusty, and distressed much faster than other parts of your house. These are some of the primary places where a housekeeper will focus their efforts. You can expect your service provider to: 

  • Dust all available surfaces. This means giving a detailed once-over to all countertops, shelving, tabletops, and other surfaces, as well as clearing any clutter or trash that might be on them. 
  • Wipe down all mirrors and fixtures. Glass and light fixtures can carry a lot of dust, spiderwebs, and other debris. A good polish will make them good as new again. 
  • Floor cleaning. Whether you have carpets, rugs, wood, or laminate, a big part of any regular housekeeping service is to clear those surfaces of clutter and then vacuum or mop them to a like-new finish. 
  • Pick up any linens, clothing, or other debris that might be present in each bedroom and put them in the agreed-upon spot. For kid’s rooms, a quick straightening up can make a big difference in no time at all. 
  • Garbage removal. Housekeepers not only clean up after themselves but also after you and your family. Any trash or recycling located in living area bins will be removed. 

Bathrooms and Toilets

In the world of house cleaning duties, the bathroom has got to be on the bottom of everyone’s list. Unfortunately, the amount of heat and moisture this room sees every day makes it a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and stains. Fortunately, most housekeeping services cover the following: 

  • Wash and sanitize all “wet” surfaces. Tubs, sinks, showers, and toilets will all be wiped, brushed, and sanitized to a healthy glow. This removes mildew build-up and gives each surface a fresh, clean smell. 
  • Clean all mirrors and fixtures. Bathroom lights and mirrors will get a good polish with the appropriate cleaning solution. 
  • Clean all floor surfaces. Bathroom floors, bath mats, and rugs can get nasty very quickly. A good shake, mop, and polish is the perfect way to get them looking good as new again. 
  • Take out all the garbage. Those bathroom garbage bins are all too often neglected, but your housekeeper will make sure they get taken to the curb with the rest. 

Kitchen and Dining Areas

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that the kitchen is the real “heart” of the home. As such, it is often the place where you and your family spend the most time. Depending on your needs, your housekeeper may offer to personalize your service. However, you can generally expect the following to be performed upon each visit: 

  • Dust all countertops and surfaces. Your maid will remove all the clutter from your countertops, disposing of the trash, and neatly arranging what you want to keep. After that, they’ll dust any and all available surfaces, including under and behind appliances, so you can come home to a crumb-free (and pest-free) kitchen. 
  • Empty the sink of dishes and load up the dishwasher. If your kids are the type to leave cups, plates, and glassware all over the kitchen, never fear! Your housekeeper will be happy to pick these up, rinse them off, and get them in the dishwasher so that you can have a fresh set of flatware when you get back. 
  • Wipe down your appliances. Your stove, fridge, and other appliances need frequent cleaning in order to look their best. Depending on the surface, your housekeeper will use the appropriate cleaning solution to get them looking like new again. 
  • Sweep and mop your floors. A nice clean kitchen floor is one of the most satisfying things in the world. Your housekeeper will remove any excess clutter, then mop every inch of your floor to a beautiful luster. 

Special Services (Extra Charges Apply)

From Spring Cleaning to move-ins and move-outs, there are times when you simply need a little bit more than what’s listed above. In those instances, you can easily select from our list of specialized services, and your housekeeper will perform the assigned duty on their very next trip. This includes things like: 

  • Cabinet cleaning. Since they’re specifically designed to hold plates, glasses, and food, your cupboards and cabinets rarely get a good deep cleaning. This is a great optional service if you find yourself scared of what might be lurking behind those fruit snacks. 
  • Fridge and oven cleaning. Every few months, it’s a good idea to empty out your refrigerator and give it a deep cleaning. This can keep mold and stains from finding a spot to grow. Your oven is the opposite. Clearing it out with a powerful cleaning solution can keep that caked-on grease from becoming a smoky problem. 
  • Polishing interior windows. Window cleaning is typically its very own service, but we offer it as an add-on to save you both time and money. Your housekeeper will hit all of your interior windows from top to bottom for a 100% streak-free view. 
  • Deep cleaning. Every once in a while, you simply get the impression your house needs a good “once over.” That’s our deep cleaning package. Deep cleaning differs from regular in the sense that it pays special attention to neglected areas and covers even the smallest of spaces. If your house hasn’t gone through professional cleaning in a long time, it’s definitely in need of deep cleaning. You can also request additional services like cleaning interior windows inside the fridge, cabinets, and ovens. It includes everything listed in our normal packages, but we also take the time to really get into those nooks and crannies. 
  • Moving in/Moving Out Cleaning. There are two times in a homeowner’s life that they want their house completely spotless: when they move in and when they move out. Moving in or moving out are two of the most stressful and time-consuming processes. The last thing you want to add to your list is properly cleaning the place. Hire our services for a thorough top to bottom vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and wiping down kitchens, bedrooms, toilets, and dining rooms.We have our own special service to facilitate your relocation, and we’ll leave no stone unturned in making your entire home look “brand new” again.
  • Ironing and Laundry. Washing or ironing a big pile of clothes is nobody’s favorite activity of the day. Our housekeepers can take that dreaded chore off of your shoulders and leave you with fresh, clean, and wrinkle-free laundry.  We’re more than happy to do a load of laundry while we’re in your home. You simply need to leave detailed instructions on what’s to be washed, and we’ll have it waiting in the dryer when you come home.
  • Vacuuming: We vacuum all the floors in your house, including tile floors, hardwood floors, stairs, and carpeted floors.
  • Dusting: We meticulously dust each and every surface of your home and make sure that no little nook is left unattended. We also take care of the little details, like ceiling fans, lights, photo frames, decoration pieces, sunshades, furniture, and more.
  • Mopping: We mop all floors, including hardwood, tile, and linoleum. Our housekeepers also make sure that all baseboards are also mopped and clean. 
  • Sanitizing: Sanitizing is essential, especially for areas subject to germ and bacterial buildups, such as bathrooms and kitchen sinks. Our services help you use these areas without any worries.
  • Dry and Wet Wiping: We clean mirrors, glass surfaces, taps, and dressers by thoroughly wiping them down. If certain areas are infested with old gunk, mildew, or mortar, we take extra steps to vigorously scrub it out. 
  • Simple Touchups: After taking care of all the main duties, our professionals also offer final cleaning touchups such as fluffing pillows, straightening mats and rugs, and correctly positioning chairs.
  • Taking out the trash: Our housekeepers also regularly take out trash and recycle it if needed. 
  • Interior Wall Cleaning. Dirt, dust, and bacteria can quickly build up on walls if you don’t clean them regularly. Ensuring that your walls are dirt-free will minimize the risk of allergies and asthma. Moreover, it will give your home a more organized and squeaky clean look. If your walls are looking extra grimy, we can offer a deep-cleaning service to restore its original charm. Our assistants use the best tools and techniques that will make your wall paint stay intact while getting rid of all the unwanted filth.
  • Cleaning baseboards: We thoroughly clean, scrub and sanitize any dirty baseboards so there isn’t any dirt, dust, or icky material stuck in the crevices. 

Additional Ad Hoc Services

A lot of housekeeping services are flexible when it comes to providing additional services to their customers. Some of which may involve:

  • Meals and snack prep: Depending on your dietary requirements and preferences, housekeeping experts can prepare meals and snacks. You will not have to compromise on your taste or quality and come home to delicious meals. Once you are finished eating, you can expect them to clean the dishes afterward, too.
  • Pet care: Some housekeeping services also provide you with pet care services, so you can rest assured that your furry friend is well-fed and stimulated. This can include taking them for daily walks, putting food in their bowl, and playing with them.
  • Running errands: You can expect some housekeepers to run you small errands like dropping off laundry. However, you might want to first get in touch with the facility and see if the housekeeper is willing to undertake the duty. You can specify your instructions clearly when booking the service


What Not to Expect From Housekeeping Services?

There are certain tasks and duties that you can’t expect from housekeepers. These generally include ones not listed in their job description or those that can put them in danger. Do not expect them to carry out tasks that are beyond their knowledge, expertise, or willingness. 

Heavy Outdoor Cleaning

Outdoor cleaning that requires climbing on high levels to wash windows might not be the job for your regular housekeepers. This requires specialized equipment and expertise and otherwise can be quite dangerous for the person involved. 


Your housekeeper is not a nanny, so it would be unreasonable for them to take up child care. Their main duties include cleaning and house maintenance, so make sure you limit your expectations to that. 

Cleaning Human Feces 

Human feces is not only extremely unpleasant, but exposure to it can also be quite dangerous. Call in a waste removal service if you are faced with such a problem. 

Unclogging Drainage

Though housekeepers clean bathrooms, they do not specialize in unblocking drainage pipes or fixing any slight issues pertaining to them. If you face such a problem, it is best to call a plumber who will efficiently fix the problem.   

Heavy Lifting 

The rule of thumb is that housekeepers do not move or carry anything that is over the weight limit of 35 pounds. This is to ensure their safety, so make sure you look for a service that especially caters to heavy lifting. 


How to Prepare Your Home for Your Housekeeper

By now, the time-saving benefits of having a housekeeper should be pretty obvious. However, many first-time NW Maids customers often wonder what steps they need to take to prepare for their housekeeper’s arrival. Well, the good news is that you don’t need to do much cleaning, as that would eliminate the whole point! However, we’ve come up with a little checklist that can help make your first home cleaner visit a successful one. 

  1. Don’t Worry About the Mess!

You hired a professional house cleaner, not an investigator to determine your home’s cleanliness rating. Don’t worry about making things presentable or cleaning up more than you would on an average day. Our service providers know exactly what to do to make your home shine again – that’s what you’re paying them for!

  1. That Said, Move Your Belongings

You may want to move any toys, clothes, books, and other clutter out of the way so that your cleaner can get at the surfaces more easily. The idea here is to protect your property, not to put you to work. When in doubt about whether they should move anything, your housekeeper will usually err on the side of caution.  

  1. Be Detailed in Your Order Form

At NW Maids, we have a simple, easy-to-use order form that you can fill out every time you need service. This is a great time to talk about any special needs or requirements you might have. Want to ensure your grandmother’s fine China isn’t moved? No problem. Looking to get a little extra attention paid to your bathrooms? We have you covered. All you need to do is tell us. 

  1. Don’t Sweat the Equipment

We ensure that every single service provider we work with has everything they need to clean your home before they arrive. We don’t want our customers to feel responsible for providing any paper towels, gloves, cleaners, or other materials. Just sit back, place your order, and enjoy coming home to a brand new house.


Professional Home Cleaning You Can Count On

At NW Maids, we’ve made providing affordable, reliable home cleaning to the Pacific Northwest our mission. As a housekeeper referral company, we give our customers instant access to the best cleaners throughout Washington and Oregon. Not only do we strive to make our services accessible, but we do our best to keep them affordable as well. 

If you’re ready to make the professional cleaning commitment, call the team that knows how to get you what you want at a price you can afford. That’s NW Maids. 


How Frequently Should You Hire Professional Housekeeping?

It is generally recommended that you hire housekeeping services to come and clean every two weeks. This is especially true if you have a big family, children, or pets. If you host guests and parties more often, you might also need help more frequently. However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal requirements. 

If you can’t remember the last time your house was last deep-cleaned, then you should definitely make an appointment as soon as possible. 

Looking for professional house cleaning services that are flexible, high-quality, and easy to book? Check out our services and request your quote today. We are a team of experts that value your needs and specifications. All of our maids are background-checked, insured, and pleasant to work with, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. For more information about our pricing and packages, get in touch with us today!


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What Does it Cost to Have A House Professionally Cleaned?

Whether it’s Spring Cleaning time or the dead of winter, there are loads of benefits to keeping your home, yard, and exterior spaces like garages clean and free of clutter. Not only do you discourage the build-up of dirt, bacteria, mold, and dust, which can affect your physical health, but you promote creativity and relaxation, which improves your mental health. 

But who has time to keep up with all that cleaning themselves? 

That’s where NW Maids comes in. As a maid service referral company servicing the states of the Pacific Northwest, we make it our business to keep the very best cleaning companies in business. Moreover, we’re going to tell you why you should consider having your house (or parts of your house) professionally cleaned, while detailing exactly how much you can expect that to cost. 


First Things First: Affordability is Built into the Service

When contacted by a new client or someone who’s never had anyone else clean their home before, the first question is inevitably, “How much does it cost to have a house professionally cleaned?” While there are tons of factors that might affect the actual number associated with each service, the good news is that most home cleaning companies make affordability a big part of their business model. 

Think about it: there are only so many mansions in a city, right? While those affluent patrons might pay top dollar for whole-house cleaning, that isn’t enough to sustain an entire, competitive market of house cleaners. And to clean the homes of people with average incomes, you can’t charge an arm and a leg. 

Indeed, the typical rate for cleaning a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house is around $165. For that, you get a completely spotless kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. in about one and a half to two hours! Of course, not everyone’s house fits that bill, that’s why NW Maids allows you to customize your booking by selecting the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and any specific add-ons you want.  

Remember, we want your business. So, we do our best to make our services as affordable as possible. 


Want to Save on Cleaning? Become a Repeat Customer!

There’s nothing more valuable to a business than a customer who comes back. That’s why we’ve come up with a variety of discounts related to how often you repeat our services. These discounts can be real life-savers for customers who are particularly busy or who may have higher-than average cleaning needs due to kids, pets, clutter, etc. 

10% Off Cleanings – If you commit to getting your home cleaned once a month or once every three weeks, we can provide you with a 10% discount on the entire service. This is a “fire and forget” way to ensure your home gets the constant attention it deserves without you having to lift a finger. Trust us: you’ll love coming home to find every inch of your place spotless. 

15% Off Cleanings – Twice a month cleanings will not only ensure there is no build-up of allergy-causing mold or disease-ridden bacteria, but will save you a whopping 15% on your overall cleaning bill. If you like to keep a particularly clean home but simply don’t have the time, this is the best option for you (and your budget). 

20% Off Cleanings – You can save a full 20% off of our cleaning services if you opt for weekly cleanings. This is about as close as most people get to having a live-in maid. Over time, you’ll become so used to having a virtually spotless home that you’ll all but forget what it was like before. 


Get Extra Value with Add-Ons

Every homeowner has chores that they absolutely hate. Alternatively, many households simply require more attention to detail than others. Either way, a great way to maximize your value when getting your home professionally cleaned is to sign up for add-on services. 

Deep Cleaning ($65) – If you want our maids to really get into the nooks and crannies (the places that haven’t seen a mop in years), we can do it for a small additional fee. With our deep cleaning service, we get under, behind, and on top of everything we can, and make sure to leave it spic and span. 

Fridge Cleaning ($25) – Clearing out and clearing the fridge has to rank near the top of least favorite homeowner activities. However, we can clean up every stain, spill, and bit of not-so-fresh food residue for the cost of a light lunch in downtown Portland. Of course, we’ll put everything back as it was. 

Oven Cleaning ($25) – Ignoring your oven is a surefire way to end up with a smoky problem on your hands. Unfortunately, even self-cleaning ovens don’t quite do the job they should when it comes to clearing out oils, fats, and char. We’ll get in there with heavy-duty oven cleaning products and leave the stove sparkling for a small one-time fee.  

Interior Windows ($65) – If you want to see the world a bit more clearly after your service, you can add on our interior window cleaning for a small additional fee. We’ll not only polish those windows, but leave them so clean as to look brand new. 

Cabinet Cleaning ($25) – Cabinets are so often ignored when it comes to cleaning, but our maids don’t mind getting in there and really dusting them out. Simply remove all of your items beforehand, and we’ll get your cabinets looking good as new for when you get home. 

Basement Cleaning ($80) – Moist, dark basements are the primary places where mold, mildew, and bacteria can take root. These can not only lead to upper respiratory issues that affect your entire family, but can cost a fortune in mold remediation if left unchecked. The answer is our basement cleaning add-on. Our team will scour every part of your lowest floor, ensuring even the darkest corners are cleaned, sanitized, and safe. 

Laundry Services ($25) – Homeowners know that there is rarely enough time to do everything, and laundry is all too often one of the chores that falls by the wayside. Well, since our team will be spending a few hours in your home anyway, why not have us handle a load for you? We can wash and dry your clothes, towels, or linens for a tiny fee, leaving them hot and fresh for when you get home. 

Move In/Out Cleaning ($175) – No cleaning task is more dreaded than the move-in and move-out deep clean. No worries, our team is up to the challenge and highly experienced in how to make your new (or old) home look perfectly presentable. It might cost a bit more than our other add-ons, but it’s one that you’ll only need once every few years at most.


Customize Your Service to Your Needs

Like other professional cleaning companies, NW Maids tries to keep the scheduling, payment, and even the cleaning process itself as hands-off as possible. With our comprehensive online system, you need only click, pay, and go about your day. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t offer custom-tailored services to any client, anywhere, any time. 

Say, for instance, you only need one room cleaned. Perhaps you’re only looking to declutter and deep clean your attic or garage? Maybe you own a rental property and just need to keep it looking nice while you show it to prospective tenants? Whatever it is you need, we have you covered. 

Simply reach out to one of our team members, and we will provide you with a free consultation and quote that suits your unique cleaning needs, budget, and schedule. The same goes for one-off services like vacuuming or window detailing. Simply call us with what you need, and we’ll give you an instant, fair quote for the job.


The Pros of Using a Pro

One of the first things our new customers tell us is that they never thought they’d use a cleaning company. But once they try it, they absolutely love it. Why? Because they suddenly discover just how much time they have on nights and weekends – time they used to spend cleaning on their own. After all, your time is valuable, and in a world where both parents often work, who wants to sacrifice their weekends toiling away? 

So, yes, hiring a professional cleaner costs money. However, it saves you time, which is often far more valuable! 

There are other benefits of using a professional cleaning service too. For instance: 

  • Employee Vetting – All of the maids and cleaners we partner with are subject to background and identity checks. This protects your family and your property and ensures you get polite, prompt, and accurate service. 
  • Payments are a Snap – Our customer portal makes it easier than ever to choose, schedule, and pay for our services. Plus, you never have to worry about having cash on hand. 
  • Total Protection – We (and all of our partners) are licensed, bonded, and fully insured. In the event an accident does happen, you can rest assured it will be taken care of. You can’t get that from your neighborhood cleaning lady. 
  • Seamless Service – Professional cleaners operate in the background. Whether you’re home or not, they make it their business to complete their assignment as promptly, efficiently, and quietly as possible. In many cases, you can schedule your appointments so you and your family simply come home to a perfectly clean house. 


Professional Home Cleaning: Worth Every Penny

At NW Maids, we’ve made providing affordable, reliable home cleaning to the Pacific Northwest our mission. As a maid service referral company, we work with only the best cleaners throughout Washington, Oregon, and beyond. Our ultimate goal is to let you know how professional cleaning can not only change your home, but your life as well. 

Imagine the time you spend cleaning your home each week. Now imagine what else you could do with that time? Could you spend it with your family, your friends, or your pets? In the end, time is valuable, and our service allows you to maintain the beauty and wealth of your home without sacrificing the things in life that matter most. 

If you’re ready to make the professional cleaning commitment, call the team that knows how to get you what you want at a price you can afford. That’s NW Maids.


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