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Seattle Neighborhood – Northgate

Northgate Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The Northgate Neighborhood


Northgate is a quiet neighborhood, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Northgate has many amenities that make it an ideal place to live. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, parks and gathering places for people to enjoy. The neighborhood is also close to major highways, making it easy for those living in Northgate to commute into Seattle or other surrounding cities such as Bellevue and Issaquah.


About the Northgate 


There are a lot of people who enjoy living in the Northgate neighborhood. It is because they have everything they need to make themselves feel at home, including housing options and plenty of amenities. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place or somewhere with easy access to downtown Seattle, then this could be a good fit for your needs. Keep reading to learn more about what makes this area unique!


The Northgate Seattle neighborhood is becoming increasingly popular for people looking to live in an area that’s close enough to downtown Seattle. The first thing that many people notice about the Northgate Seattle neighborhood is how much variation there is within its boundaries. While some parts may seem like another neighborhood entirely, others can closely resemble nearby areas like Greenwood or Lake City. There’s also usually enough room between homes, so everyone gets their personal space without feeling overcrowded by neighbors.

People looking to live in the Northgate Seattle neighborhood should also know an excellent selection of housing options. Whether you’re interested in purchasing your property or prefer renting, this part of town usually has something for everyone. Some people find it easiest to start their home search by narrowing down what type of property they want since some homes offer more space than others.


Also, most people don’t think about how convenient access can be when deciding where they’d like to move within the city limits. However, having easy access into downtown Seattle is one thing that sets this neighborhood apart from many others nearby. This means if you work downtown, you can get there in a matter of minutes.


Northgate Facts 


The Northgate Seattle Neighborhood is a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood offering many activities for families and young adults. There are plenty of options to choose from, including the famous Arbor Heights Arboretum within walking distance and several other parks located throughout the area. The Northgate Mall offers a wide range of shops, services, and entertainment venues that all members of your household can enjoy. In addition, there are numerous public and private schools serving children from elementary age through high school graduation in this retail hub, which means you’ll never have to travel far if you need anything educational-related.


Northgate Seattle is an urban village in the northeastern part of the city with more than 26,000. The total population is projected to grow by about ten percent in the next 20 years. This means the Northgate Seattle neighborhood will continue to be an excellent place for people interested in living near downtown.


There are several reasons why so many people enjoy calling this area home. There’s plenty of green space, it has easy access into and around town, and there is also an abundance of amenities that make daily life more convenient. These include convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks which offer places where you can relax with friends or get some exercise. Another thing that makes this neighborhood unique is its surrounding cities, such as Bellevue, Issaquah, and Kirkland. Whether you’re looking for something close by or want to explore other areas nearby before making your final decision on where to live next, having multiple options when choosing where to settle down can make the search more fun and exciting.


Activities in Northgate


The Northgate Seattle neighborhood is an urban village located in the northeastern part of the city. There are plenty of amenities that make daily life more convenient such as convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and parks, which offer places where you can relax with friends or get some exercise. This area has recently changed its zoning laws regarding higher-density housing along transit routes. It is becoming increasingly popular for people looking to live in an area close enough to downtown Seattle.


The Northgate neighborhood offers plenty of green space nearby. There are natural spaces nearby, including trails for biking, walking, or running. There are also nearby cities like Bellevue, Issaquah & Kirkland. The Northgate neighborhood attracts many different types of people because it provides easy access to the town. This part of town usually has something for everyone whether they prefer purchasing their property or prefer renting.


Northgate Seattle residents enjoy lush parks, outdoor activities, and various entertainment options just minutes away from their homes.


Northgate Mall provides shopping, dining, and movie theaters for those who would like to spend an evening out on town or Home to “Monkey Park” and one of two shopping malls within its borders; Northgate Seattle neighbors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities just minutes from their homes.


Lush parks, outdoor activities, and entertainment options are just minutes away from their homes for Northgate Seattle residents.


Things To Do Near Northgate


Neighborhoods that suit families with kids, retirees, and professionals are the most popular neighborhoods to live in. Northgate Seattle Neighborhood is one of these areas where it’s quiet while still having some things to do nearby. There are a few attractions near this area, such as:

Hubbard Homestead

Hubbard Homestead: This historic farmhouse is now a museum where visitors can learn about the area’s agricultural history.


Northgate Station

Northgate Station: The nearby train station gives people the opportunity to commute all over Seattle.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park: This vast park is a great place for families and individuals who enjoy being active outdoors.

Northgate Branch - The Seattle Public Library

Seattle Public Library Northgate Branch: The library offers computers, books, classes, and more to its patrons.

Northgate Mall

Northgate Mall: This mall offers a great selection of stores, a food court, and a movie theatre. It is the largest shopping center in Seattle, so there are plenty of things to do here! You can visit this place frequently for any reason you wish, whether it be grocery shopping or catching up with friends for coffee at one of their many cafes.

Totems in Totem Lake Park: People love this collection of totem poles which members of the Northwest tribe carved; it’s located near Northgate Community Center, where residents can go swimming or play sports on any number of fields offered there (baseball/softball, soccer)

The Park: This is a great place to go for a walk and enjoy the cityscape. Northgate Seattle Neighborhood provides plenty of green spaces like this where you can take your dog out or run in the early morning if that’s what you prefer!


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Seattle Neighborhood – Greenwood

Greenwood Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The Greenwood Neighborhood


Greenwood is one of the most beloved neighborhoods in Seattle. Two significant freeways border it, but it still retains a suburban feel with its green pastures and family-friendly atmosphere. There are plenty of parks nearby for an afternoon picnic or playing sports and several high-end shopping malls nearby if you’re looking for some retail therapy. If that isn’t enough, many excellent restaurants range from Thai to Italian to Mexican cuisine!


So if you’re looking for a great place to live, work or play in Seattle, look no further than the Greenwood Neighborhood. You’ll be able to enjoy its quiet atmosphere while still being close enough to all that Downtown has to offer with just a short drive away on I-182 and SR-99. It’s also an incredibly safe neighborhood—Greenwood was ranked as having some of the lowest crime rates out of any other areas in America back in 2011 by Business Insider Magazine (and we haven’t seen anything since then that would lead us to believe otherwise!) So go ahead and stop by today!


About the Greenwood Seattle Neighborhood


Greenwood Seattle is a historic community with so much to offer. If you are looking for a classic small-town community that has been updated just enough but still retains its old-world charm, then Greenwood should be at the top of your list when searching for a new home or business location in Seattle, Washington!


Greenwood Seattle has many different styles of homes; 1940’s cottages, Craftsman-style bungalows, Victorian-style mansions, and ramblers built in the ’50s & ’60s – all with their unique appeal. Many have been updated over time but still retain much of their original character, including hardwood floors or brick fireplaces, which give them a vintage feel sought after by those looking to buy an old home on a budget. It doesn’t get better than this when it comes to having newer construction and older buildings right next door! Greenwood also offers one-of-a-kind boutiques for shoppers who are seeking something different from your typical mall store. If you love antiques, vintage wear, silk flowers, or even a hard-to-find magazine – there are shops here that will satisfy your heart’s desire!


Sitting on the North West corner of Seattle and nestled between Phinney Ridge and Broadview, this suburb isn’t far from some great outdoor recreation & entertainment opportunities while only being minutes away from Downtown. It’s an ideal place to call home if commuting downtown every day isn’t something you want to do – yet you would rather have more space than what the city offers without having to pay high-priced prices either. Greenwood Seattle is a neighborhood that offers historic charm, diversity, and affordability all in one. If you are looking for an old-world feel with new amenities, then Greenwood should be at the top of your list when searching for homes or businesses to invest in!


Greenwood Facts


Greenwood Seattle in the North West corner of Seattle, Washington, is a timeless suburb with old charm and new style. This neighborhood is a hub for business and retail and has everything you need to live, work, or play.

Greenwood was once called “the Queen City” because it had such beautiful homes and streets before the turn of the century. It continues to be one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Seattle today, making it an ideal place for young families looking for opportunity but not wanting to jump into city living just yet! If ever there were a classic American small-town community, then Greenwood would certainly fit that bill: tree-lined streets, craftsman-style bungalows, original brick buildings from days gone by – all framed against snow-capped mountains on clear winter days.


Greenwood Seattle is also home to many of the city’s finest restaurants. You can find anything from Indian cuisine to American bistro fare within walking distance of Greenwood Park along NW 85th street. There is truly something for everyone in this diverse community, including sushi at Sushi Kappo Tamura, classic sandwiches and salads at Fire Food & Drink, burgers with local beer on tap next door at Dick’s Drive-In (which has been around since 1954!) as well as tasty treats like cannolis imported straight from Italy at Salare Pasta Bar. If you love food, then you’ll undoubtedly love living here!


There’s also some history near Greenwood if that interests you—the first-ever Dick’s Drive-In restaurant was opened just a few blocks north at N 85th Street back in 1954 by Paul Thomas Sr., who named it after his son (and future president) Richard “Dick” Spady; they still make their burgers fresh every day with 100% ground beef chuck. It’s been listed as one of America’s most treasured landmarks for several years running, and you’ll see why when you sink your teeth into one of their delicious burgers!

Greenwood Seattle also has a historic theater. The Egyptian Theater is relatively small, but it’s got excellent sightlines, and the concession stand (which serves beer!) is run by volunteers who raise money for repairs through ticket sales! It’s a perfect place to check out if you’re looking for something different or want some company while watching your movie!


Things To Do in Greenwood 


Northwest Folklife Festival: This annual party is one of the largest free festivals in Seattle and takes place at Memorial Stadium and on Main Stage right outside. Every year it features a mix of local talent with genres ranging from country to folk to world music, dance performances by community groups representing cultures around the globe, along with workshops for children and adults alike. Throughout the weekend, you can also enjoy delicious food booths run by dozens of different non-profit organizations active within this neighborhood – all while supporting their mission! One not to be missed if you’re looking for things to do in Greenwood Seattle Neighborhood.


Greenwood Park

Greenwood Park Playground: Even though there are several great parks in this Seattle neighborhood, Greenwood Park is one of the best, with a lot that’s great for children up to age six. The playground equipment offers enough fun that multiple generations can enjoy it at once! Along with swings and slides, there are also some cool things on-site such as a climbing wall and a large sandbox area.


Lake City Farmers Market

Lake City Farmer’s Market: With over forty vendors selling their fresh vegetables or products, you’ll find everything ranging from organic meat to vegan snacks here, along with living music all day long every weekend! The best route for this is to head towards North Beach Park & Playfield and follow it all the way around until you’re back at your starting point. It’s about a two-mile walk, but there are several spots along the trail that offer great views of beautiful homes – many of which have stunning lakefront properties! Along with enjoying nature here, you’ll also get to see some historic houses too. There are even free activities like yoga classes and dance lessons available during market hours if you’re looking for something to do in Greenwood Seattle Neighborhood.


Walk in the Green Lake Trail: The best route for this is to head towards North Beach Park & Playfield and follow it all the way around until you’re back at your starting point. It’s about a two-mile walk, but there are several spots along the trail that offer great views of beautiful homes – many of which have stunning lakefront properties! Along with enjoying nature here, you’ll also get to see some historic houses too.


Many restaurants nearby – Restaurants like the Dao Tai House or Iron-Rabbit Tavern & Whiskey Bar make Greenwood Seattle a food destination. The former is known for its dim sum and family-style dinners while the latter specializes in fresh fish and oysters (and also has some killer cocktails!). If you’re looking for something cheaper, try one of the many taquerias that line Greenwood Ave N! There’s even an authentic Mexican grocery store with everything from mole sauce to fresh tortillas if you want to; make your own at home instead of going out again!


Once you’ve had your fill of shopping and dining, it’s time to take a walk around the quiet streets. You’ll see some of the prettiest gardens you can imagine, and on a clear day from the top of Phinney Ridge at Kerry Park, you’ll have a fantastic view of downtown Seattle. You might even be able to spot Mount Rainier or Mt. Baker off in the distance!


Greenwood Seattle is a neighborhood that offers historic charm, diversity, and affordability all in one. If you are looking for an old-world feel with new amenities, then Greenwood should be at the top of your list when searching for homes or businesses to invest in!


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Seattle Neighborhood – North Beach / Blue Ridge

North Beach/ Blue Ridge Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The North Beach / Blue Ridge Neighborhood


North Beach is a neighborhood that has been carefully planned to offer the best in urban living. It offers abundant natural light, beautiful views of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier and easy access to transportation with bus routes nearby. The homes are well-designed for modern lifestyles with an open floor plan, luxurious kitchens with top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances, and large walk-in closets. This area will provide anyone who moves here the opportunity to live in one of Seattle’s most desirable neighborhoods!


North Beach is a family neighborhood that offers something for everyone. It has excellent schools with award-winning teachers, fun play areas, and parks where you can have a picnic or enjoy the outdoors, and it is close to Downtown for anyone who wants more excitement. It has an excellent mix of large and small homes so that you can find the right place for your family, 

whether they are big or just starting.


About the North Beach / Blue Ridge Neighborhood


The Seattle neighborhoods of North Beach and Blue Ridge are located in West Seattle, just south of Downtown. These areas have remained primarily residential since they were established for homes around 1905. The site is mainly single-family residences with some multi-unit buildings built after World War II to accommodate returning veterans who wanted to start their families near downtown employment opportunities. A few commercial centers exist along 35th Avenue SW, providing local shopping options within walking distance from home or quick bus access via Route 50 that runs through this neighborhood every 15 minutes during peak hours. This transit line also connects riders to several other routes, including Belltown, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, and Golden Gardens Park, where visitors can enjoy one mile of sandy beachfront.


North Beach / Blue Ridge is a popular area for walkers, cyclists, and runners with its scenic views of Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains to the west, and Downtown Seattle, Mt. Rainier to the southeast. The Alki Trail along West Seattle’s coastline has been voted as one of America’s top ten running trails by Running Times Magazine. This trail links up with other biking routes in this neighborhood, including Admiral Way, which runs through Lincoln Park, offering an off-road course from Fauntleroy Cove north into Northgate Mall on NE 103rd Street near I-405 or south towards SeaTac Airport via International Boulevard SE.


Facts about the North Beach / Blue Ridge Neighborhood


The North Beach / Blue Ridge neighborhood is in the north of Queen Anne. The area extends from Warren Avenue N to Galer Street and Elliott Bay (waterfront) on the west to Cambridge street at its eastern border with lower Fremont. It also includes what most people think of as “upper” Queen Anne Hill or simply Upper Queen Anne – that part of Jackson St between Denny Way & Boston St, which appears like a separate hill when viewed from downtown Seattle. This can be confusing because Google Maps refers to this entire region by one name: North Beach/Blue Ridge. There are three Seattle neighborhoods called ‘Northgate,’ so it becomes necessary to distinguish them using their respective geographic features; thus, we added the city name in parentheses at the top of this article.


Matt Fox and Katherine Mackinnon met with three other neighborhood residents: Christine Estelle Lee-George and Joseph Caffery, established Seattle Northgate Neighborhood Association (North Beach/Blue Ridge) on March 15, 2013, and Thomas Ransford. This small group believed that there was a need for an organization to fill the void left when the former community organizations were no longer available or active. The vast majority of Seattle’s neighborhoods have one such organization, so it seemed reasonable to assume the same could be said for our locale as well. So they took steps to form their civic association, which would support existing businesses while attracting new ones; work together with both private and public entities to keep the neighborhood safe and clean; advocate for improved transit facilities, sidewalks/bike paths, and parks.


Seattle Northgate Neighborhood Association is a volunteer organization with no paid staff or board members: it has existed since its formation in March 2013 through books of minutes kept by Matt Fox (Secretary), Katherine Mackinnon (Treasurer), and Joseph Caffery, who serve as webmaster. The group includes people from every corner of this community, including Queen Anne Avenue N / Boston Street on the east border at Galer St – all residential streets between these borders are included within our geographical area, which also encompasses the Seattle Center campus but excludes McCaw Hall where there already exists an excellent organizational support system via ArtsFund whose offices are located both inside McCaw Hall and in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Center at 301 Mercer Street.


Seattle Northgate Neighborhood Association is open to all residents of our community with a focus on bringing together people from every corner, ethnicity, age group, or other demographic who want to make this neighborhood an even better place than it already is; for those looking for volunteer opportunities as well as businesses hoping to make connections within their industry (examples: restaurants can connect w/ nearby caterers). It’s also about working toward one common goal which benefits everyone – improved public transit, including light rail system because it will help reduce congestion that exists now; sidewalks & bike paths should be safe for pedestrians & bicyclists alike; establishing more park space whether via new construction or renovation of existing vacant lots.


Things To Do in North Beach / Blue Ridge:


Visit the North Beach / Blue Ridge Public Library: This library is a great place to learn and explore. Children can attend story time, enjoy arts and crafts during fun holiday celebrations, or join art classes for all ages. The library also offers free access to Lynda online courses, perfect for learning new software skills. There are regular programs at the library, including chess nights, book clubs, science lectures, ESL lessons, and community meetings about local issues.

Blue Ridge Community Festival: This neighborhood festival happens every summer with lots of fun booths & events happening all day long while locals enjoy delicious food from local restaurants.

Hoh River Trail: A great trail to walk with your dog, kids, or friends where you can see the mountains and river on foot!

Hoh River Trail

The North Beach Festival: A yearly event where you can see live music, food vendors, and more!

Waterfront Park: A great place to walk your dog or go for a run. The trail is about 12 miles long and goes by the water with beautiful views of mountains on one side and Puget Sound on the other side.

Seattle Air & Space Museum: This museum has over 25 aircraft, space capsules, and interactive exhibits, so kids have fun learning!

North Beach Park: Offers a playground, basketball court & picnic area that is perfect for families on sunny days! You’re also close to Green Lake, which has many more fun things to do like boat rentals, mini-golfing, and paddle boarding in the summertime.

North Beach Park


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Seattle Neighborhood – Bitter Lake

bitter lake seattle neighborhood washington

Bitter Lake Neighborhood


Bitter Lake is one of Seattle’s most prestigious neighborhoods, with a long history of being the home to many successful families. The neighborhood has been around since the early 1900s when it was initially an exclusive resort town for wealthy people who traveled by boat from Seattle. Today, Bitter Lake still retains its reputation as one of Seattle’s best neighborhoods because it offers residents plenty in terms of convenience and prestige.


The Bitter Lake Seattle neighborhood is a small, secluded community of homes. It takes up approximately one square mile and has around six thousand people living in it. The area was developed mainly by middle to upper-class residents during the early 1900s; however, today’s inhabitants are more diverse, with some homes being rented out or shared among roommates. With its rich history and desirable location near major transportation routes, this place offers something for everyone.


Bitter Lake Facts


Bitter Lake is close to the heart of Seattle but manages to maintain its serenity through extensive landscaping that ensures no trees or plants obstruct people’s view from any angle they choose.


The Bitter Lake neighborhood is mainly known for its beautiful water views and its proximity to Woodland Park Zoo. Over time, the area has also been home to many important places, including Joyland’s central amusement park and an infamous drive-in theater that was forced out due to noise complaints from neighbors in 1972. Although no schools or playgrounds are located within this neighborhood, it is conveniently located near some top educational institutions like Roosevelt High School and St. Joseph’s Parish Day Care Center on N 65th Street. Several local parks where residents can enjoy themselves with their families whenever they decide to venture outside their homes, such as Green Lake Park and Ravenna Park. Another popular destination for those living nearby is the Bitter Lake Community Center, which offers various exciting classes throughout the year.


It has an area of about 13.96 square kilometers or almost four and a half miles around, making it one of the largest lakes in the entire state. It has retained its natural beauty since three-quarters of its surrounding land is covered with evergreen trees and plants. The rest consists mainly of grasslands and small ponds that add to this neighborhood’s allure as well as make for ideal spots to set up your picnic table when you’re feeling hungry after spending time on their sandy beaches looking at Bitter Lake from different angles. With just over 700 people residing there, it maintains a quiet lifestyle despite being near the city’s heart.


Things To Do in Bitter Lake Seattle Neighborhood


Visit the Bitter Lake Community Center on Holly Park Way NE at North 80th Street. This building is a center for recreational activities, classes, daycare, and senior services. The community center has an indoor pool open year-round, with lap lanes available during certain season hours. Many programs are offered here, including one designed to combat childhood obesity in kids between kindergarten through fifth grade.


Explore Seattle’s green spaces by taking advantage of all they have to offer while hiking or biking along forested trails at popular spots like Thornton Creek Trail located near 130th Ave NE off Sand Point Way NE next to Woodland Park Zoo, where you can also visit their farm animals zoo exhibits featuring domestic species from around the world as well as exotic animals.


Visit the Bitter Lake Community Garden at 130th Ave NE and Sand Point Way NE, where plots are available to rent for anyone interested in organic gardening with a focus that encourages food access, education, and wellness among low-income individuals and families of the neighborhood. The garden has been around since 2013 and offers tools like forks, shovels, gloves, etc., but you must provide your materials such as seeds or plants if you would like to grow any.


Participate in a free yoga class at the Bitter Lake Community Center on North 80th Street. This particular yoga session is open to everyone regardless of whether you have experience with the practice or not. Children are welcome since one of their main goals is to promote fitness within children during their formative years. Being active becomes a lifelong habit rather than something they lose interest in later on.


Enjoy the outdoors while lounging around at Bitter Lake Seattle Park, located near 130th Ave NE off Sand Point Way NE next to Woodland Park Zoo. You can also visit their farm animals zoo exhibits featuring domestic species from around the world and exotic animals. This park has many amenities like playgrounds for kids of all ages, including toddlers, large field areas, picnic tables under trees with lovely grassy fields surrounding them, making them suitable for playing catch, etc., and a large open area for running around.


Visit the Woodland Park Zoo, which is located near Bitter Lake Seattle Park off 130th Ave NE next to Sand Point Way NE, where you can visit their farm animals zoo exhibits featuring domestic species from around the world as well as exotic animals like black leopards, spotted hyenas, white tigers and jaguars to name a few.


Enjoy an evening of cocktails with friends at The Barking Dog Ale House located near Bitter Lake Seattle Park next to Woodland Park Zoo, where they have been serving up great food and drinks for over 20 years.


Bitter Lake Seattle Weather


In the summer months, it’ll tend to be slightly more relaxed compared to further inland, but if you’re coming from somewhere like Los Angeles, where it’s hot most of year-round, then this may not seem so bad since summers aren’t unbearable either. It also rains a lot here in the winter months, which people who don’t mind milder winters will enjoy, while those who hate rain or snow might find these conditions frustrating, especially when they can last for weeks at a time without letting up.


Spring tends to start slow, with temperatures remaining cool even into April before warming up substantially by May, giving way for an early bloom season that makes all the difference in getting new growth going. Fall is another season that can be quite pleasant here, with temperatures remaining mild but crisp throughout September and October before winter conditions begin again in November, which can last until March or April, depending on how weather patterns shift from year to year.


Attractions on Bitter Lake Seattle Neighborhood


Bitter Lake Seattle Neighborhood has a lot of attractions that tourists and locals can visit. There are numerous points of interest such as the parks, trails, cultural institutions, and galleries in this part of Seattle, which is why it’s one of the best neighborhoods to visit when you want to get out into nature for some fresh air or explore what North Seattle offers while staying within reach from your home.


Bitter Lake also hosts many local events throughout the year, so there’s always something interesting going on no matter what time you choose to pay a visit. While visiting these top spots on Bitter Lake, here are some things you should consider:


There are many trails to explore around Bitter Lake Seattle Neighborhood. Some of the most popular ones run through Carkeek Park and Ravenna Woods Trail, known for its excellent hiking opportunities, especially during fall when you can see all the colorful foliage that makes this time of year unique.


For those who love outdoor activities, this is an opportunity to try kayaking on one of North Seattle’s lakes should not be missed out. If you enjoy having some fun in nature while staying close enough to home, then make sure visiting Green Lake Kayak Center gets added to your list as soon as possible because it’s a beautiful way how to spend some time with friends or family without spending too much money or traveling far.


If you are an art lover, Bitter Lake Seattle Neighborhood is the right place to visit. Many galleries and museums specialize in different arts such as contemporary, abstract, mixed media, or event photography, where visitors can find all sorts of exciting things to look at while enjoying a lovely day out in this part of Seattle.


There are many outdoor activities available for those who enjoy spending time in nature. There are fishing opportunities provided by the lake, as well as trails where you can hike your way up slopes, downhills, and even across valleys if you’re feeling particularly adventurous! If you don’t want anything too strenuous, there are also places where dogs can play fetch with their owners along the banks, which makes it perfect for pet lovers looking for fun ways to spend their time.

No matter what time of year it is, there’s always something interesting going on in Bitter Lake. Attractions such as the Greenlake Community Center and Ice Arena, where you can enjoy ice skating or take a walk around this beautiful lake surrounded by forested hills, make for stunning views any time of the day, no matter how if its winter, spring, summer, or fall.


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Seattle Neighborhood – Broadview

Broadview Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The Broadview Neighborhood


The Broadview Seattle neighborhood is a residential area located in the north part of the city. It has been ranked as one of the top neighborhoods for people to purchase homes because it offers many benefits that other areas don’t have, such as lower crime rates and better schools. The neighborhood is also very close to many of the city’s major attractions, such as Gas Works Park and Lake Union.


The Broadview Seattle neighborhood has a lot going for it, making it one of the best neighborhoods in all of Washington State. This post discusses why so many people love living here and what makes this area stand out from other parts of town.


Facts about the Broadview


Broadview Seattle has about 13,000 people and 0.58 square miles (about 0.15 sq km). Nearly 2300 households, with 35% housing single-family homes while 25% lived in apartments or condos. The average household income for this community was above $77K annually, whereas the median age stood at 39 years old among residents who live here full-time. Broadview Park, Broad View Community Center, Castle Hill Elementary School are some popular spots found within this neighborhood to visit when exploring what it’s all about.


The area was annexed into Seattle in 1911, but it wasn’t until 1932 that a bridge opened across Ballard Bay to connect this community with North Seattle. It made home buying much more accessible for people interested in living on this side of town. Today’s residents are drawn by the many family-friendly amenities and the small-town feel that can be found here, and easy access to major highways leading out of town. If you’re looking for homes or real estate properties within walking distance from parks, schools, and other public facilities – look no further! We will happily help you find your ideal place here at HomeStreet Bank, where we understand how important good customer service and a highly professional team is for our clients.


Broadview Guide


This area extends from Elliott Bay to Puget Sound, with the west side facing Magnolia Bluff and East facing Lake Washington. There are many great reasons to live here, such as beautiful views! Not only do you get an idea of Mount Rainier but also stunning views overlooking the South Central Waterfront District, including Pier 70 that has an old-time feel, nearby Olympic Sculpture Park, or even Downtown Seattle’s skyline! This area offers some great amenities like parks (e.g., Carkeek Park), trails (e.g., Interlaken Trail), and public transportation (e.g., bus stops).


Broadview Seattle’s surrounding areas include Ballard, Fremont, Magnolia, and Queen Anne! Another great thing about Broadview is that it borders the Burke Gilman Trail, making for fantastic biking trails if you desire to bike around town or even thru-hike! The houses in this area are mostly built before 1940, with some newer homes available too. Some of these homes offer views of Puget Sound, while others have views overlooking Carkeek Park on top of gorgeous sunsets over Mount Rainier during the summer months.


What does Broadview Seattle look like?


Broadview Seattle is a quiet, residential community. You will find single-family homes and apartment complexes in the area. There are also some small businesses on Greenwood Avenue North. The landscape of Broadview features rolling hills, parks for recreation activities like hiking or biking, and views of the Puget Sound to the west.


There is plenty of green space available in Broadview Seattle! You’ll find small playgrounds scattered throughout the neighborhood with play structures that kids love – perfect for a quick stop while out walking your dog or exploring on foot during a sunny day. The most famous park you will want to check out is Thornton Creek Park which features trails along the creek where you might see ducks swimming.


You also have easy access to other park spaces, including Hawthorne Hills Park, Thornton Creek Natural Area, and Meridian Playfield.


Things To Do in Broadview


Broadview Seattle Neighborhood is a great place to live, work, and play. There are many things to do in the area that will not take up all of your free time!


Seattle is home to many significant landmarks and attractions for you to visit. The Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Chihuly Gardens, and the Seattle Aquarium are just some of these places that will provide an unforgettable experience! Each one offers something unique, so be sure to do your research before heading out!


Broadview Seattle Neighborhood also has a thriving arts district which gives our community character. There are art galleries in Broadview that feature local work from talented artists who live in this area. This allows visitors to take home pieces of fine artwork with them without having to travel far away or wait until it’s shipped at their doorsteps! Do not miss out on shopping here, as well as there are several boutiques nearby where you can find unique items that will make your friends and family envious!


Broadview Seattle has a school system with high ratings. The schools offer opportunities for parents to get involved by volunteering in the classroom or attending field trips that connect families. There is also an option through our local community center, where you can take part in dance classes, soccer games, and many other things outside of academics!


Some Great Places to visit near Broadview


Broadview Seattle Neighborhood is located in the center of this city. It has many great places to visit near it, including:

Museum of Pop Culture – This museum is home to work from musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana!

Museum of Pop Culture

Seattle Aquarium – Watch fish swim around exhibits that include a shipwreck scene!

Seattle Aquarium

Space Needle– Get amazing views of the skyline at 500 feet above street level!

Space Needle

Klondike Gold Rush Museum– Learn about how people lived during an era where gold was discovered nearby!

Klondike Gold Rush Museum

Lake View Cemetery Visit gravesites are belonging to history makers such as Bruce Lee and Kurt Cobain!

Lake View Cemetery

There are so many other places you can go within Broadview Seattle Neighborhood. Make sure to keep it in mind when deciding what you want to do on a day off!


Activities People Enjoy Doing in Broadview


There are many outdoor recreation opportunities in Broadview, Seattle. People like to hike, bike, and go fishing near the lakefront. If you want a more active day, choose from one of our excellent athletic centers or indoor gyms that offer classes for all ages. You’ll be sure to find something fun!


One of the best ways to see Seattle is by taking advantage of the beautiful parks and trails easy to access from this location, like Gas Works Park or Interlaken Trail. There are also great views into downtown Seattle if you decide to explore Fremont Troll! Waterfront activities like kayaking and fishing are popular here too. You might even spot some seaplanes flying overhead as they come in for landings at Boeing Field (BFI). This neighborhood has something for everyone! What kind of homes do people live in? Broadview offers several different housing options, including apartments, duplexes, townhomes, etc., so there should be something for everyone! You can find a home here on any budget. If you’re looking to live in the downtown area, Broadview might be just what you are looking for with relatively inexpensive homes that offer easy access into central Seattle or north Ballard.


People living in this neighborhood enjoy biking and walking around town because of its proximity to other significant areas like North Queen Anne or Fremont. People also take advantage of all the places they can get out on Lake Union. There is no shortage of kayaks, paddleboards, rowboats, etc., available to rent at several different waterfront locations, making it fun for everyone!


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